Weekly Rewind #35

rewindlogoHowdy peeps, it’s another Sunday afternoon so you know what that means right? It’s time for a Weekly Rewind (my recent lateness with these aside). After much traveling and excitement lately, I’m actually writing to you from boring old home this week. It’s nice and comfy though and I’m appreciative of what I have. Many others in the world would kill to be where I am, literally. So, on that rather serious note, let’s get into the events of the week.

On Monday we did a live episode of Linux Outlaws as usual, and it went off beautifully. We were a little delayed in starting but had a great laugh and I really enjoyed the recording. I also edited a new episode of the Software Freedom Law Show earlier in the day. That was released on Tuesday by Bradley I believe. Speaking of Tuesday, I went to the dentist then but escaped without any major work being done. I’m very lucky to have really strong teeth. I’m pushing 30 now and still have no fillings. I guess I have to thank my mum for the genes there. I wish I could say it’s because I’ve spent my life religiously looking after them, but that would be a big fat lie. It’s mostly luck. I installed Ubuntu Karmic on my laptop later in the day and got to testing it. I’ll write up my thoughts tomorrow and aim to publish that this week. I also heard from Popey that the Oggcamp mugs I ordered had arrived. I even blogged about it. They look good.

On Wednesday I did some music work on a theme tune for an as yet unrevealed podcast. It’s nowhere near finished, the tune that is, but I’ll let you have a listen when it is. The podcast is not mine it’s for something a friend of mine is launching in future. I also did some work writing a new song, and I don’t mind confessing that I feel a little dirty about the lyrical content. One line contains the words “Google Maps”, but I wasn’t paid to put it there by Google. Maybe I should try and count it as an Adwords thing and bill them if the song ever takes off. It fit the rhyme I needed and the content though. Hopefully you’ll hear that song soon. I have to play it to the person it’s actually written about first, so she doesn’t find out in public and get a shock. All very cloak and dagger. Anyway, onwards!

David Rovics
David Rovics

On Thursday I began editing our recent Linux Outlaws interview with Randal Schwartz. That took a while to get through but it sounds great and it’ll be out pretty soon. I also recorded some bumper sections to go around it with Fab on Friday and edited all that. I’m never happier than when cutting wave files together it seems. Onto the weekend. Today I’m very excited because in a matter of hours I’ll be talking to American singer/songwriter David Rovics live on Rathole Radio. It’s my first live interview on the show and I hope it all goes well. He’ll be on the phone so there’s always room for some technical failure there. I have my questions sorted and we may get some from the listeners in the IRC as we go along. The playlist is sorted. I’ll be playing some of David’s songs obviously, but also a couple of different styles and some off the wall picks outside of that. I think people know what to expect with me by now, the unexpected usually. You can listen live from 9pm UK on Icecast, the easiest way find details is to head to the Salvage Digital Radio page, everything you need is there.


What a week I have coming up. We won’t be doing live Linux Outlaws tomorrow as Fab is away, but our special episode with Randal should be released. I also aim to write about Ubuntu Karmic tomorrow and maybe publish Tuesday. I have to sort the house out and make room for Fab to sleep. He’s here from Wednesday and we’ll be heading down to Wolverhampton for Lugradio Live and Oggcamp on Friday afternoon. I have to collect the PA from a friend and do some other sorting out before that. I’ll also aim to release the episode of Rathole Radio from tonight when I can. It’s gonna be an exciting week and I hope some of you will be able to join us in Wolverhampton, it’s party time!!

Take care folks,



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  2. Do the new lyrics go something like this?
    “Angry and yelling, typing in all caps.
    Bad directions from Google Maps.”

    Where is the OpenStreetMaps love?

  3. Or maybe,
    “I’m-a lovin’ Google, and all their Google Maps
    All the other online services
    Are the dribblin’ craps!

    • Ha, great suggestions guys but not quite. The lyrics neither praise nor damn Google Maps really. It’s just a quick reference that fits the rhyme. It’s to do with the distance between one country and another. OpenStreetMaps is too long a phrase to fit in. I’m not sure how it’s knowledge of Eastern Europe is either. I will have to check 🙂

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