Weekly Rewind #34

rewindlogoGreetings all, hope this posting finds you well. So, first up I should admit that I lied in last week’s very brief catch up. I missed Weekly Rewind 33 but I said I’d just use that number for this week. Since then someone suggested retiring number 33 and going straight to 34. I thought that was an interesting notion, and it signifies that it’ll always be the one that got away. So I’m going with it. So long Weekly Rewind 33, we’ll miss you. With that bit of housekeeping out of the way, let’s get into a proper it, it might be more accurate to call this a Weekend Rewind.

I’ll quickly gloss over events from earlier in the week, it was mostly listed in the bullets points of this post anyway. So on Monday we did Linux Outlaws Live as always, and it went really well. I edited that episode on Tuesday and Wednesday amongst other jobs. It was released on Friday as Fab was struggling with flu, which is understandable. I did some work on an article for a free newspaper in Manchester around the same time. I mentioned that briefly last week and it got some people excited. I’m not sure when it’ll be out but I’m trying to organize an online version for all you non-UK folks to enjoy. I’ll let you know when I have more information, promise. I ordered the special mugs for OggCamp and coordinated all that early in the week too. Just in case you don’t know the sketch, you can pickup a mug with any donation over £5 made at OggCamp on Sunday 25th October in Wolverhampton. If you don’t know what the event itself is yet,  where have you been? You can find more by clicking the banner in the sidebar there. Speaking of OggCamp, I had a major breakthrough with the PA for the event this week. All thanks to a good mate of mine. He’s sorting out a rig I can bring down with me and set up. Once a noise boy, always a noise boy.

There was various other stuff going on in the week, it slips my mind now but I think we should move on to the weekend. I was supposed to be going to see Kevin Smith live at the 02 in London with Anna. She was flying over from Warsaw the night before, but due to an emergency we found out late on Friday that she couldn’t make it. I didn’t know what to do with less that 24hrs to the show, and not a lot of contacts in London. Plus I was gutted I’d miss her. Luckily I happened to know that Mr Tony Whitmore of Ubuntu UK fame is also a massive Kevin Smith fan. I gave him a shout and he met me in London the next day for the show. How cool is that? Top bloke. Now, as I said I don’t know London that well, and particularly not the maze that is London Transport. On the train down to Euston from Liverpool the train manager came on the tannoy to announce we could buy underground tickets from his office, located near the shop. I’d already printed out a raft of directions from the Transport For London website, which is pretty good to be fair. I wanted to get from Euston to the O2 Arena in Greenwich. When I told the bloke on the train that his immediate reply was “ha, good luck”. Not the most encouraging start, nevertheless I pressed on. He sold me a zone ticket and I returned to my seat clutching my stack of paper directions like they were over sized bank notes. It seems the Jubilee Line, which leads to the 02, is off at weekends. I was left with a dizzying amount of changes from tube stops to busses and so on. I must have changed about 6 times in my hour long journey from one line to another and finally to a bus. I think I zig zagged across all the lines, but I made it. I have to question the wisdom of putting a “world class venue” (their words not mine) where NOBODY CAN GET TO IT!!!

Anyway, I made it fairly early in the afternoon and hung out at Starbucks stealing their power to charge my computer. I did buy a coffee from the corporate bastards though, so my conscience is clear. Tony arrived later on the speed boat ferry thing, apparently it goes directly to the O2. I didn’t even know but it seemed to be how most people were arriving. I don’t know how easy it would have been to get to from Euston, but sod it. It was too late by then anyway. We went for dinner and discussed OggCamp amongst other things. Then we went into the venue to take our seats at 6:30pm as instructed, we proceeded to sit there till 8pm before Kevin Smith actually came on. He talked for over 3 hours and the show was great. I can’t remember specific things to tell you about it now, but I’ve been warned by friends not to give spoilers so you’ll have to take my word. Let’s just say it was good. After sitting in the seat for nearly 5 hours my legs had some trouble remembering their function in life as it came time to leave. Tony hit the speedboat again and I headed for the bus stop, clutching another stack of directions. My quarry this time was a friends flat in New Cross. It was only a couple of busses away actually and I found it easily. My friends were gracious enough to let me sleep on their floor for the night. We hung out a bit on Sunday and had some laughs until it was time for me to negotiate my way back to Euston. For someone who normally gets lost in their own bathroom I was starting to feel confident of the different underground lines and where to go. I made it back to Euston in about 30mins and boarded my train. It was rammed. Sunday commuters night I suppose. 3 hours and one change later I was back on home soil in Liverpool. It was a great weekend and while I was a bit down about it all at first without Anna, it worked out. Thanks mainly to friends, you can’t beat friends. Amen.

Upcoming: There’ll be another Linux Outlaws live tonight at 7pm UK time. Please come and join us, it makes a big difference interacting with the IRC channel during the show. I’m also editing a new episode of the Software Freedom Law Show as week speak. It’ll be released tomorrow. After that I have plenty more to move on to and there’ll be another Rathole Radio at the weekend. No rest for the wicked.  Take care of yourselves and I’ll catch up with you next week, if not before.


P.S – Here’s a hilarious song for the London Underground, which despite being cramped and too bloody hot I found very good. WARNING IF YOU’RE EASILY OFFENDED BY SWEARING SKIP THIS VIDEO


  1. I think there is a typo:

    I made it back to Euston in about 30mins and boarded my train. It was rammed. (I assume this is Crammed) but it could be a Liverpool thing 🙂

    • @KevanV Oh right, no that’s intentional. We would say rammed if the train was… well… rammed. Perhaps it is a Liverpool thing, I didn’t know that. Interesting to hear. I know the word crammed obviously, I think it just got changed locally because people wanted to save a millisecond dropping the “C” 😀

  2. Maybe a northern thing. I would say rammed too.
    Mainly when deciding which pub to go too.

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