Mugged At Oggcamp

oggcamp-badge2Good day all. You’ve probably heard me mention organising things for Oggcamp here often. It’s a first foray into the events field for Linux Outlaws and Ubuntu UK Podcast. I’ve been trying to sort out merchandise for people to take home on the day. It works well in 2 ways because people get something they want to keep (they’ve even told us this), and we can get some money back towards out towards costs. Booking the venue, getting refreshments, AV equipment and all kinds of other stuff isn’t cheap. There’s a lot to consider. I originally wanted to have t-shirts but sourcing those proved more problematic than I’d expected. At least in a price range I was happy with. We hit on the idea of mugs, and now thanks to the lovely people at we actually have them, woo hoo!!! They’re safely tucked away at Popey’s house ready to be delivered to Wolverhampton. The mugs will be available with donations of £5 or more, which is a reasonable amount I think. Not too much for the average person to pay, but still enough to give us some help towards costs.

Are you ready to see them? Drum roll please… come on tap the table or something don’t hang me out to dry here 😛

The left side
The left side
The centre
The centre

That’s it, work the camera baby

The right side
The right side

So in light of this I’ve been thinking of slogans, I can’t help myself. What do you reckon to this?

I Got Mugged At Oggcamp!!

It conveys the point and it contains a cheesy pun, so that’s all my usual bases covered. We were also given a full page ad in Linux Format Magazine issue 125 (page 15 apparently, thanks Neil) which is amazing. Those guys are cool, and they make a good magazine too so check it out. Hope to see you at Oggcamp if you can make it. It’s gonna be a blast.

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  2. I took this first bit too literally… 😛 I think that slogan is hilarious. 😀

  3. @hanna – Thanks! 🙂 It’s actually something we talked about ages ago for Linux Outlaws. We wanted to make a gallery for people who’d bought mugs to upload their photos with the new item. It was going to be called Mugged, or perhaps Mug Shots. Like most of our plans we never got the time to make it happen though sadly.

  4. Its crazy only there today i realized.. LRL and oggcamp ah sure that’s like a week or 2 away its only… its only… omg its this weekend coming :D. Can’t wait to get my hands on an oggcamp mug now :D. @ Linux Outlaws Live 2009 😉

  5. @redbrain – Yeah it’s not far away now, I still have some last minute stuff to sort out as well. Don’t panic anyone!!

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