Oggcamp Audio Trailer

oggcamp-badge2Ok folks it’s a multimedia feast on the blog this week. Hot on the heels of the video yesterday I have the audio trailer for OggCamp. We played it on Linux Outlaws 110 and it can be found on the official OggCamp site but as you know, if something needs pimping, I can’t resist. You can get your own copy of the trailer right here. If you have a podcast or you’re running an event please consider playing it and helping us, we’d really appreciate it. Or you could just play it very loudly in your car or on your stereo at home to help spread the word. As long as the police and the neighbours don’t mind that is of course.

We tried to make this funny and as you will hear I had a field day with the sound effects. It’s a bit like a radio play, all be it a short one. This is mark one of the trailer as I’m still waiting to add a couple of lines from Ciemon when we have them. That should be done next week and then I’ll update the file.

So have a listen and see what you think. Thanks for your support 🙂



  1. Play it loudly… LOL. 😀

    BTW, I think you meant to say “albeit” there. You know, me having tried to study Latin and all… 😉

  2. @fab – Good point, I did. Thanks 🙂

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