LinuxCon Audio Diary 2

Howdy folks,

Linux Outlaws Saw
Linux Outlaws Saw

Here is my 2nd LinuxCon Audio diary update. Today was the first day of the conference proper and obviously there’s a lot to talk about. You can hear about my brushes with various Linux celebrities in the past 24hrs. It’s been great to meet Bradley and Karen in person for the first time and hang out with them. I also picked up the Linux Outlaws Saw I mentioned in the last update and I’ve added a picture for your amusement. It’s pretty awesome I must say. I hope I can get it back on the plane ok.

LinuxCon Update 2 – Audio File

It’s been a wild ride the last few days and as you can hear I’m still very tired but I’m hanging in there. I’ll be back with another update tomorrow. So till then, take care of yourselves 🙂


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