LinuxCon Audio Diary 1

Howdy folks,

Portland Spirit
Portland Spirit

Greetings from lovely Portland, Oregon in the USA. I arrived here last night and I’m still pretty jet lagged to be honest, but I have events to relate already. I’ve made a quick audio clip to do just that and also uploaded a bunch of photos for you to look at. I’ll be posting more audio and hopefully photos as the days go on. I’ve decided to just encode this as mp3 and upload it, I know a few people won’t like that but it’s the quickest and easiest way too ensure everyone can get it. If it were a podcast I would set up a feed and ensure there was an Ogg version. These are just quick reports and besides, as a great friend and well known Free Software advocate told me “mp3 can be written and read 100% in Free Software”.

My First Audio Report

The Accompanying Photo Slideshow

I hope you enjoy the clip and I’ll be back with more adventures from LinuxCon 2009 in the coming days. Till then, take care of yourselves 🙂



  1. @jezra Ha thanks man that means a lot. I actually recorded this twice because i wasn’t happy with the audio quality on the first version. I’m an audio freak and it has to be right or I get upset 😛

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