Weekly Rewind #29

rewindlogoWow, we finally made it to Weekly Rewind number 29. A significant edition for me because it’s my age. You could be forgiven for thinking I must be at least 39 looking at me but what can I say, I had a rough paper round. I’ve always looked a lot older than I was actually, even as kid, but I’ve found the older I get the more I seem to look closer to my age. Hopefully at this rate by the time I’m 50 (should I last that long) I’ll look 50. We’ll have to wait 21 years to see just how that theory pans out. Anyway, enough rambling, let’s get into what happened in my little world this week.

On Monday I processed and released a new Rathole Radio, which was followed on the live broadcast by a Professor Kliq gig. You can download that gig as well from his own website. I won’t talk about all that too much because I was so late with last week’s rewind I actually covered it. We recorded and streamed Linux Outlaws 108 on Monday night which was great fun as always. I even attempted a poor Manc accent at one point in the show, though I can’t remember exactly why now. That episode was released on Wednesday thanks to some sterling work from Fab. His laptop has just died in the same way my Dell XPS m1330 apparently, the curse of the faulty Nvidia card. I hope he has as much luck with Dell support as I did.

Most of my week has been taken up with a lot of HTML/CSS, which makes a change these days. I used to work full time as a web developer and programmer, but it’s been so long since I did it regularly I’ve forgotten most of the things I knew. It was good getting back into that a polishing up some very rusty skills. The site I was working on is 99% finished now and the owner seems happy, so that’s all good. It has made me realise why I used to love developing so much. That moment when something you’ve created goes live is so fulfilling. I still get a buzz from that, even if it’s only a small website. A voice inside me wants to scream “I did that”, but my body usually can’t be bothered. All this development work meant I needed my laptop working and couldn’t really afford to distro hop, shock horror. I have SAM Linux ready to install though and I actually plan to do that as soon as I finish writing this update.

On My Way To A Meeting
On My Way To A Meeting

On Thursday night I went to see some of my good friends from the writing group at 3345 in Parr St. I’ve been thinking I should do something with my script and try to get something usable out of it. I may even post some in installments on the blog, but we’ll have to see. I also got a chance to catch up with some really good old friends I don’t see much back on this side of the Mersey later in the evening. A friend of mine was over here from the Isle Of Man to work on the Mathew St Festival this weekend, so we persuaded him to play a set for us on Salvage Digital Radio. It was a great mix of hip hop, breaks and funk as I would expect from Jim. That all got broadcast live on Friday. I’ve had some interest from other folks about getting involved with SDR so there may even be some more shows joining the line up. For something that really just came about accidentally it’s going well.

Yesterday I made my way to Liverpool to negotiate with a merchandising supplier for Linux Outlaws, or at least I attempted to. A tire blew out on my car as I was approaching the Mersey Tunnel at 70mph. Luckily I didn’t lose control of the car and pulled safely onto the hard shoulder. The Stig would have been proud I tell you. It took me a while to change the wheel as the bolts were all rusted up to hell, I was also supervised by the Mersey Tunnel Police in the end. They were nice enough and I tried to explain the situation, they didn’t charge me with anything which is a result. It’s a good job it didn’t actually blow out in the tunnel I suppose, that could have been nasty. All of this delayed me so much that I missed my meeting and had to rearrange it for next week. I’ve had so much trouble finding a decent UK supplier for t-shirts and mugs in recent months, after the tire incident I began to think that maybe the universe is trying to tell me something.  Today I’ve been editing the next Software Freedom Law Show and you’ll be able to hear that on Tuesday. We announced the venue for OggCamp just before the weekend as well, so if you missed that have a look at the website.


There’ll be another Linux Outlaws Live tomorrow night as usual. You are of course all welcome to join us and get involved in the show. I’ll write something up about SAM Linux this week I hope, I don’t know how long that’ll take. I’ll be editing LO while Fab is without his laptop, preparing for Rathole Radio next weekend, and much more I haven’t even thought of yet I expect. That reminds me, I need to get a new tire for the car as well (sigh). I’ll catch you all next week, drive safe and may your tires remain intact.

Take care


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