Weekly Rewind #28

rewindlogoIt’s that time of the week already, time for the 28th Weekly Rewind article. I never imagined keeping this up that long when I started the series, it was only on a whim but so far I haven’t missed one. A few have been late like this edition… but let’s not dwell on that. I actually started writing this on Sunday afternoon but things got a bit hectic and I never got chance to finish it. Allow me to fill you in on why things were hectic that day.

On Monday we did Linux Outlaws live as usual in the evening. The show went well and the live audio stream is proving very popular, which I’m pleased about. I also synced up the recordings and did some preliminary editing before sending them back to Fab for editing. On Tuesday I helped a mate install and set up Crunchbang Linux 9.04 for a streaming machine in his studio. He’s never used Linux at all before and he seemed to really enjoy it, he says he’s loving Crunchbang and that’s a major victory I think. I also did research and wrote some of my Pardus article along with various other bits of dev work.

On Wednesday I finished off writing my mammoth Pardus Linux review and set to work on gathering screen shots and making other preparations. I then published that article on Thursday and got down to some HTML/CSS work, which made a nice change. It’s been too long since I did a lot of HTML and CSS, there’s just something very satisfying about making your own design from scratch. Yes, you can get a pre-made template and adapt it, and I do that myself most of the time, but every so often I like to see if I can still remember any of the CSS stuff I used to know. After much head scratching and often looking in a book, I can remember it just fine hehe 🙂 You know it occurs to me now that having the extra 2 day delay in writing this article has made me forget most of what I did last week. So let’s move on to the weekend which was much more exciting.

The Professor Live
The Professor Live

On Friday night I went down to visit the Salvage Digital Radio studios for the evening. The project seems to be going well and we’re getting more shows sorted out as soon as we can. I set up a website for the station earlier in the week, you can find it at SalvageDigital.com it may be a bit basic at the moment but it’ll grow. I’m pleased to say the connection problems we’d had the previous week were fixed with the Crunchbang machine. The guys did their usual shows on Friday and Saturday night’s, we had a girl band hour from Gary, a Prog Rock hour from Ross, Pete The Sheet doing his thing and of course plenty of banging techno on Saturday night. On Sunday I did Rathole Radio as always and that show was released as a podcast yesterday. After my show I switched everyone on the live stream across to Chicago where Professor Kliq played live for an hour. How amazing is that? I expected it to all crash and burn, but actually I managed to seamlessly move everyone from one mount point to another on the Icecast server. I was well chuffed with myself. The live gig was great fun and I’d like to thank the guys for their work, people seemed to love it. I know I did. We’ll try and have more exclusive live shows for you on SDR in future, stay tuned for more announcements. You can download a recording of the live gig from here. I highly recommend checking it out. Thanks to everyone who’s helped support Salvage Digital and got involved. I appreciate all of you, it’s been amazing fun and I’m sure there’s more to come.


Some of the upcoming stuff I would have put down for this week has already passed because I’m so late writing this. That sentence doesn’t make any sense does it? Oh well, moving on. We recorded and streamed Linux Outlaws last night and the podcast should be out in the next couple of days. I have various other stuff to sort out this week. I’m going to try and review SAM Linux for the first time so that should be interesting. I have some meetings and a fair bit of web development to do. There’ll also be more Salvage Digital Radio from 7pm (UK time) on Friday night with a special guest appearance from my mate Jim. He’s over from the Isle Of Man for the weekend and he’s a great DJ, always plays funky beats and breaks. I advise you to check that out! I’ll report back next Sunday, hopefully not so late next time. Till then, take care everyone.


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