OggCamp 2009 – October 25th

oggcamp-badge2I want to make an announcement, admittedly a slightly redundant one now that everyone has already had a go (Popey & Tony), but damn it I’m going to say it anyway. As we mentioned on a recent episode of Linux Outlaws, we’ve been discussing the idea of holding a barcamp event in conjunction with the Ubuntu UK podcast. Since Lugradio Live is only a one day event this year (Saturday 24th of October) it made perfect sense to do something in Wolverhampton on the Sunday. There’ll be all the usual impromptu talks and sessions you’d associate with a Barcamp event, bet there’ll also be a live show and recording from each of the podcasts to get involved with. We’re in the final stages of booking the venue so I can’t quite reveal that yet, but will do very soon. We just have to wait for confirmation that they’ve processed our payment and rubber stamped the booking. Then I can shout it from the rooftops. A lot has happened in the last couple of weeks though.

  • We’ve got a name for the event… OggCamp

…and now we even have some cool banners for you to put on your own site to help us promote the event, woo hoo!!

There are many more updates to come so keep an eye on OggCamp.org or follow us on Identi.ca and Twitter if you prefer. We have ideas for an audio promo which I’ll be putting together very soon, and we should be able to announce the venue in the next few days. It’s VERY close to the LRL location I can assure you of that. So if you’re wondering what to do in Wolverhampton the day after LRL, now you don’t have to. Get along to OggCamp on Sunday the 25th of October at 11am and have some fun with us. We’d love to see you and there might even be a few surprises for attendees, but you ain’t seen me right? Keep it under your hat 😉

Speaking of hats, I’d just like to give a personal hat tip to my friend JonTheNiceGuy for planting the seed of this idea in our heads a couple of months back. I’m not sure if anyone else remembers it now, but I had an email from him suggesting a barcamp event between our respective podcasts. So thanks Jon, you’d better turn up now.

Help us out and spread the word across the land. Go on, we’ll be your best mate, honest.


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