Weekly Rewind #18

The Weekly Rewind
The Weekly Rewind

We’re up to Weekly Rewind number 18, the legal drinking age in the UK, though you wouldn’t know it looking at the state of the 14 year olds around here on a Friday night. That’s British culture for you I suppose, and I can’t really criticise them as I started drinking at 13. In fact by the time I hit 18 and could legally drink I was bored with it. Anyway, I’m getting sidetracked here, and in the opening paragraph. So let’s get into what happened this week.

On Monday we recorded and streamed the 96th episode of Linux Outlaws. It was a lot of fun and despite our attempts to record a “shorter show”, it ended up at nearly 2 hours with the interview. I always intend the show to be as close to an hour as possible but it very rarely happens. It just goes to prove the old statement, time files when you’re having fun. The show was well received and everyone seemed to enjoy it, which I’m grateful for. I’m also grateful for all the kind donations we’ve had recently, massive thanks to everyone who’s sent us money. We’ll put it to good use, I promise. On Tuesday night I went to Manchester to see Bill Bailey live at Salford Keys. I’ve always been a big fan of his and I’ve even seen him live before in Liverpool. He didn’t disappoint and I had a great night, despite having some trouble finding our seats initially. That Lyric Theatre is a bit of a labyrinth I can tell you. On Wednesday I interviewed Borys Musielak the creator of Filmaster.com, a new AGPL licensed social network for film fans. I used that information to write and publish an article on Thursday.

Bill Bailey

Then on Friday the tables were turned as I became the interviewee, which was nice. I talked to Karunya Keshev on the phone about my new show Rathole Radio. We talked about Free Culture and what it all means in this day and age. I waffled away like a good’un as I normally do, but I hope I answered at least some of the questions clearly. I have a tendency to go off on tangents while answering questions; perhaps a career in politics would be a good idea, though with recent events maybe not. I also edited the next Software Freedom Law Show as a rush job for Bradley. I can’t reveal the contents of the show, but they wanted the upcoming guests too hear what this show’s guest had to say before recording. It sounds good and I suppose you can expect to hear that a week on Tuesday. Over the weekend I’ve been preparing for Rathole Radio tonight. Practising the live songs which I’ll give the listeners a chance to vote on. The show will be at 9pm UK time tonight over at ratholeradio.org/live. I have some great music to play, a funny little spoken word piece, and there should be some interesting chat going on in the chat room. All are welcome!


Quite a week coming up. It looks like there’ll be another special episode of the Software Freedom Law Show tomorrow, which I will attempt to edit before recording Linux Outlaws in the evening. You can join us for Linux Outlaws live as always at 7pm UK time tomorrow night. There’s another Twitter event happening in Liverpool on Thursday night. A Tweet Up they’re calling it, rather than a Twestival. I’ll be heading along to see what that’s all about. Next saturday I’m off to Germany to see Fab and also attend the Linux Tag event in Berlin. I can’t wait and it should be a lot of fun. I don’t know how I’ll get on with updating this blog while I’m away, but I’ll try. Hopefully I’ll be able to post some pictures from the event if nothing else. I’m taking the laptop so I’ll do my best, I promise.

Hope you all have a great week, I’ll see you soon and don’t forget to check out ratholeradio.org later, ch-ching 😉 Take care



  1. Ooh Bill Bailey, I like him a lot (well I have only seen him in Black Books, but he was hilarious in it).

    I am not complaining, just saying that the live show starts when I’m supposed to go sleep (I’m trying to go sleep…). Well I will listen to it when you publish it. 🙂 Can’t wait.

  2. @hanna Bill Bailey is great yes. Sorry the show isn’t at a great time for you. Trying to get things to work for everyone across time zones is tricky. I saw you commenting on Identi.ca there so I hope I didn’t keep you up too late. Thanks for taking the time to listen, I really appreciate it 🙂

  3. LOL. I love your intros on these… 😀

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