Weekly Rewind #16

The Weekly Rewind
The Weekly Rewind

Phew it’s hot today. As Robin Williams said in Good Morning Vietnam “It’s hot!! Damn hot!!”. I’m sat on the sofa doing very little and still sweating like an overweight tourist. I’m not in very good shape, so sweating for me is a common occurrence but I’m not THAT unfit! Sitting down is not usually considered strenuous enough to make me sweat. So, onto business. It’s been an interesting week, let’s get into what’s been going on…

It was my 29th birthday on Monday, my twenties are rapidly fading away but I’m not quite over the hill yet I hope. We did our usual Linux Outlaws live show in the evening and it was something of a bloated birthday special. I say bloated not because I’d eaten too much cake (though I may have), but because it ran to 2 hours in length. Nevertheless people seem to enjoy the longer shows on the whole and I’m glad of that. I don’t think we’ll be making a habit of 2 hour shows, but every now and then it’s nice to have a blow out. The show was released on Wednesday as normal after a mammoth editing session by Fab, hat’s off mate.

Most of the next couple of days weren’t that interesting so I’ll skip over them, I want to talk about other events. On Thursday night I went along to Chester LUG and had a good night chatting to everyone. I was given a bottle of beer by Derrick and then a £20 donation to the show by Joe: you can’t complain about a night like that can you? I was very humbled. Thanks to everyone for making it such a good time. I look forward to future meetings. If you’d like to join us it’s the last Thursday of every month from 7pm at the Old Kings Head pub in Chester. It’s a cool little pub with a great atmosphere. Come and see us.

New Artwork
New Artwork

On Friday I finished off writing my Chakra Project article and did some work collecting screen shots. I also had an interesting drive to Liverpool Airport to drop my mum off, which involved sitting in traffic on the dock road for an hour in the blazing heat, in a car with broken windows that no longer open. It’s like a very poor man’s mobile sauna I suppose. I published the article yesterday and got on with some other plots and schemes. We also had some drama involving our podcast IRC channel which I had to try and sort out.

One of the plans I’ve been working on for a while is a revival of an old podcast I used to do called Rathole Radio. It used to be a group chat show and I loved that but, I’ve wanted to do a music based show for a very long time. I’ve pinched the name because I like it, ad nsince I came up with it in the first place I don’t really consider it theft. I’ll be trying out my first live show tonight on Ustream. By the time most people read this it’ll be too late so I apologise for that, but I wanted to do this first show as quickly as possible. If I don’t take the plunge now I’ll just keep putting it off. I’ve been frantically throwing together a website at ratholeradio.org, making artwork and all kinds of things this afternoon. I’ll be recording the show live on Ustream from 9pm tonight UK time. It may well be a disaster but perhaps that could be even more entertaining. We’ll see I guess


Tomorrow night we’ll have another live Linux Outlaws show of course, please feel free to come and join us at linuxoutlaws.com/live for some fun. I’ll be sorting out this Rathole Radio recording from tonight and trying to make it into a podcast. I hope to release the pilot episode early in the week. I’m also testing Linux Mint 7 at the moment and I’ll write about that next week. It’s Liverpool LUG on Wednesday night, I can’t miss that of course. There’s plenty going on and I’m sure there’ll be much to report. Have a good week everyone and take care of yourselves, get an ice cream to deal with this heat, you know it makes sense 😉


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