Weekly Rewind #15

The Weekly Rewind
The Weekly Rewind

Weekly Rewind time again and it’s been an eventful week, so I’ll waste no time in getting into it. It all began as usual with Linux Outlaws recording on Monday night. The live show went well and was enjoyed by all who took part I hope. Episode 93 “Danish Weekend” was then released on Wednesday night due to some sterling editing work by Fab. On Tuesday we passed the 1000 member mark over at the Linux Outlaws forums. Thanks in part to much promotion by me on recent podcasts but that’s beside the point. Considering I was the one who wasn’t even sure starting a forum was a good idea in the first place, I should probably stay quiet. I was worried that with so many other Linux forums out there already we’d just be adding to an already crowded space. I have to admit though I was totally wrong. It’s really taken off and I’ve made so many good friends on there, it offers a great place to interact with people if you’re too lazy/busy (take your pick) to keep up with IRC. Thanks to everyone who’s taken part and helped us build such a great community. It’s very much appreciated. I also re-installed Chakra Project on Tuesday and did a lot of research on that between writing and other general admin jobs. I published another Jargon Jam article later in the day.

My Ticket
My Ticket

On Thursday I nipped over to Liverpool to catch up with some of the good folks from the writers group which was a lot of fun. I then hot tailed it back home, just in time to record a phone interview with Brian Proffitt of the Linux Foundation for the podcast. Fab joined me for the interview of course and we had great fun chatting to Brian about the new Linux.com website. I still need to finish editing the audio from that, but it will be in the next episode. On Friday I did more general jobs and a bit of web development stuff, and then it was off out in the evening to see Billy Bragg in Liverpool. What a gig! I’ve been a big fan of Billy for a long time both musically and politically, which won’t come as much of a surprise to people who know my views. The whole evening was a celebration of rebel song and there was obviously lots of political talk. The other acts on the bill were amazing and I particularly enjoyed Atilla The Stockbroker and David Rovics. Really powerful song writers making stuff that I think people need to hear. There was a lot of talk about stopping the BNP getting into power with the next elections, and fighting racism, a subject close to my heart. I’ve done a few gigs for the Anti Nazi League over the years and I think it’s important. This all sounds a bit heavy doesn’t it? But beyond the political message of the evening it was just great to hear really good singers doing what they do. The gig didn’t finish till well after midnight and when Billy closed with A New England he brought the whole house down. The sound of 300 drunk scousers shouting the chorus could probably be heard all the way over in Manchester.

Over the weekend I’ve been writing up my experiences of Chakra, and I’ve also moved to the Linux Mint 7 release candidate; I’ll report back on that in future. I’ve just edited the next Software Freedom Law Show this afternoon, you’ll be able to hear that on Tuesday. I’ve also continued trying to sort out merchandise options for the Linux Outlaws. I’ve had one quote for t-shirts and made enquiries about many more, but not heard a lot back yet. I think perhaps the Bank Holiday is affecting people’s responsiveness, I don’t blame them. I’ll let you know when I hear more.


It’ll be another Linux Outlaws tomorrow night of course and it’ll also be my 29th birthday. My 20’s are rapidly drawing to a close but I’m not too worried, there’s plenty of life ahead of me yet… I hope 😉 Come and join us for the live recording if you like and help me celebrate, as always everyone is welcome at LinuxOutlaws.com/Live at 6pm UTC (7pm UK). I’ll hopefully finish my Chakra article and publish it tomorrow as well, but it might be Tuesday. One thing is for sure, another birthday isn’t slowing me down. It’s Chester LUG on Thursday night and I’m determined to make it this month after missing a couple of meetings. I’m sure more things will crop up over the week, so I’ll report back on those next Sunday.

Till then, take care everyone and I’ll see you soon. A year older but not any wiser.



  1. Happy Birthday, Dan!

  2. Yeah, happy birthday, mate! And bloody hell, I don’t understand a word in that song!! Oo

  3. Happy Birthday 🙂

  4. Thanks everyone much appreciated 🙂 @fab – Look up the lyrics if you’re interested, it’s a very powerful tune. That live version is hard to decipher and his thick cockney accent doesn’t help.

  5. I am looking forward to your impressions on the new Mint release, the feast of foliage. As I wrote on Identi.ca (the Mint denter-bender), I installed it and will be running it for a while. It has the good things from Ubuntu, but avoids some of the irritating ones… while I am not so keen on this theme as the previous version, it is still considerably nicer to look at, and the boot speed is impressive.
    Are you going to review the new Mandriva release? I tried the Gnome version and wasn’t particularly impressed, but maybe KDE is where it is happening at the moment.

  6. @mjjzf – I know what you mean about the new Mint theme, I don’t like it as much as previous ones at all. I haven’t thought about Mandriva yet but you know I’m a fan of it in general. I’ll try Fedora 11 after Mint I think. Then maybe Mandriva who knows 🙂

  7. you now have to change your age on the “about” page 😛

    all the bestest once again!

    • @ana – Thank you kitten 🙂 Yes you’re right I forgot about that. Will have to update it (sigh) I should be able to write a script to do this automatically every year on May 25th 😛

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