You Know You’ve Made It When…


…someone decides to make a program just to track what you’ve been eating and post it to a Google Calendar 😀 It seems that’s what the good folks from the Linux Link Tech Show have done. I was told about this a week or so ago, but forgot to mention it. There’s been something of a running joke between the shows that Fab and I post too many pointless messages about food on our microblogs. I thought it was pretty funny, and then I was sent a link to this calendar:

Best Pic Of Them I Could Find
Best Pic Of Them I Could Find

Apparently the guys have made a script that scrapes our food posts from and adds them to the calendar. Madness, but brilliant nontheless. Thanks guys! We love you too 😉 I should also take this opportunity to congratulate the guys on their 300th episode, which is coming up next week. They’ve been around since before the dawn of time… ahem, sorry I mean the dawn of podcasting. They are certainly the longest running Linux podcast in the world. Back when we started Linux Outlaws Pat, Dann and the other guys were immediately supportive and promoted us. I’ve never forgotten that and it really helped us onto the podcasting ladder. They’ve expanded their line up of hosts lately and just seem to go from strength to strength. So keep up the good work guys and here’s to another 300 episodes. Pat also recently started a MythTv podcast (a precursor to going solo? Who can say hehehe), check it out if you’re interested in making a Linux media centre or PVR, it’s very cool.

Right, that’s it. Just a quick post as I wanted to share that calendar. I’m also off to see Billy Bragg in Liverpool tonight and I’m ridiculously excited, a musical and political hero of mine. I’ll report back on that on Sunday. I’m also writing this message in KDE4.2 on Chakra Project, more on that very soon.

Take care all,  see you soon



  1. now following that calendar as well as you and fab on Twitter.

    Original Outlaw #868

  2. That’s an awesome use of technology! Very cool. But the subject matter is plain funny.

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