Lugradio Live 2009

LRL 2008
LRL 2008

Well now, there’s been a lot of speculation about the LugRadio Live event this year. Would it happen? Wouldn’t it happen? If it were to happen, when and where would it be? All kinds of crazy rumours and whisperings. It’s obviously an event that captures people’s imagination and breeds real enthusiasm among Linux geeks, not just in Britain but worldwide. I was lucky enough to experience my first LRL last year. We took the whole Linux Outlaws posse down there and everyone was really friendly to us. We chatted to some great people, drank too much, sang (yes seriously there is video) and had a ball. It made me sad I’d not gotten off my arse and gone before. I only discovered the podcast in late 2006, late to the game (as always) but I failed to make it to LRL 2007. I still miss the podcast as I know many others do.

The Crew
The Crew

Last year there was great excitement when the lads announced that even though the podcast was coming to an end, the live event would happen again in 2009. As the year’s gone on it’s been harder and harder to believe it would really happen. I’d been told by some people close to the camp that it would happen but later in the year but nothing definite.  I know the good folk at Wolves LUG have been planning away and working on it for a while. Today brought good news for all LugRadio fans. An announcement was finally made on and Twitter. Drum roll please….

LugRadio Live 2009 will happen on Saturday 24th October at Newhampton Arts Centre, Wolverhampton!!

The holding page on the website says there’ll be more information soon and to watch the microblogs. So, like everyone else I’ll be keeping an eye out for updates, but I just wanted to give you all a little nudge and make sure you knew the event will be happening this year. Yay!

Fear the karaoke people… fear it… I do!!! (shudder)


  1. Thanks for that picture… I’m looking forward to getting over for the next LRL 🙂 Maybe I’ll even join in on the karaoke this time!

    • @kevan – That would be great, I hope you’ll be able to make the karaoke this time too! Not the same without you man 🙂

  2. Really glad it’s finally on… 2008 was a blast. As for the karaoke… I wonder if we can trick Dan into taking the mic with the superglue on it again ;P

    • @andy – Did you see our gang doing karaoke? Sadly I didn’t really know you at the time but I know you came and said hi to us on the stall. I remember this much. The karaoke is fuzzy in my mind but sadly the video isn’t 😀 I may try and rope you in this year

  3. do not diss the karaoke!

    i look like i’m about to twist my back on this photo, i wonder was it pre or post yega-bongs 😉

    • @ana – I have no idea, the whole thing was a bit fuzzy to be honest but I wouldn’t have missed a minute. It was a great time 😉

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