Weekly Rewind #9

The Weekly Rewind
The Weekly Rewind

Hello folks, it’s that time again already so I’d better fill you in on events this week:

On Monday evening we did Linux Outlaws after a major delay and some technical problems. We were supposed to start at 7pm (UK) but ended up starting at about 9pm. Thanks to everyone who was so understanding and especially those who waited around for us. For those who didn’t wait, I really don’t blame you. It seems there are some issues with Ustream and audio breaking periodically. The joys of Flash, arrgh! Some people have to keep reloading the page during the show and I’m sad to say it’s hit and miss at best. We’ll keep looking into other solutions and let you know ASAP if we have something. I was looking at Icecast streaming myself a while back but was told by a lot of different people the bandwidth is a killer. If anyone has ideas on streaming solutions or you know a bit about Icecast; please let me know in the comments, it would be really useful.

I’ve been working away on my script all week for ScriptFrenzy and I’m happy to report it’s going quite well. Considering this is the first time I’ve ever written a script of any sort, my expectations are pretty low. I just want to finish the first draft on time and make is as good as I possibly can. That’s all you can ask for. I’ve been using Celtx to do the work though, which is of course a lovely Open Source program and gets a thumbs up from me for that. I’ll do a proper review as soon as I can but things are a bit hectic right now. First impressions are that I like it but it has quirks; a lot of the functions are only available if you’re online. That makes me think it’s more of a front end to a web service but who knows. More on the that in future.


I met up with some of the other people from the script group in Liverpool on Wednesday night and they seem a really lovely bunch. I have to say that they might read this 😀 No, I’m kidding, they’re great honestly. My script is a bit of a crime drama with political overtones I’d say. That’s probably making it sound far too grand but it’s got a bit of humour and some explosions so far. Two things I always look for in any film, I’m a culture vulture to the last.

I wrote and published the first of my new series of Jargon Jam articles during the week. I hope to do these as videos in the near future, explaining all these buzz terms we use in the Linux world. It would be good to make short clips with some animations and humour. I’m thinking of some kind of ODF presentation recorded with RecordMyDesktop, and then mixed with music. The only problem being that I have zero video production ability. That will be a learning process to say the least. Again, if anyone has suggestions for how I should attack this problem please fire away.

Speaking of learning processes, I’ve written my Arch article at last and spent a lot of time working on it this week. It’s almost 3000 words. I tried cutting it down but after editing it was still around 3000 words. Either I’m not ruthless enough, or for everything I cut out I managed to find something else to put back in. It’s probably a bit of both. I’m hoping to publish that tonight but if not, tomorrow. I’ve actually stopped working on the screen shots just now to write this very update. No rest for the wicked hey.


let's stroll ;)
let's stroll 😉

2 new episodes of the podcast were released this week, 85 and 86. We’re trying to get to 100 in record time and we’ll be back for our regular Monday night recording/streaming session at 7pm (UK) 6pm (UTC) tomorrow. We hope to do it without any difficulties this week. I’m also working on the next Software Freedom Law Show as we speak, that’s to be released on Tuesday. So keep an eye out. The Arch article is imminent as I said and I’ll be hopping onto something new this week while still trying to complete this script writing challenge. No doubt more interesting things will unfold by the end of the week. I’ll see you there, race ya? Actually no, I can’t be bothered, let’s just stroll 😉



  1. LOL, I thought all those #scriptfrenzy tweets were about bash or python or something haha

    • @Bob – So did a few friends of mine. I had a conversation with one of them for about 2mins before he realised I wasn’t talking about computer scripting. It was hilarious. I realised when he said “what language are you doing this in?” – “umm… English” – “Oh I thought you meant Python or something” 😀 I’m actually thinking I’ll save that for a future comedy script perhaps.

  2. By the way, it actually seems that Lostnbronx was one of the NaNoWriMo winners, did you notice?

  3. @mjjzf – Wow, no I didn’t realise that. Congratulations to him, that’s a hell of an achievement. I don’t think I fancy doing that many words. Scripts are shorter and I’m lazy 😛

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