Weekly Rewind #8

The Weekly Rewind
The Weekly Rewind

It’s Rewind time again. I don’t think it’ll be a long one this week, but then I always say that and still end up with 1000 words. Let’s get into it:

On Sunday afternoon – technically last week I know but sod the rules, I’m in charge around here – I recorded a long and interesting chat with Fab and Chad Wollenberg of the Linux Basement podcast. Chad works in a K-12 school district in Virgina, US and he’s had some great success in moving them towards open source software; he has some advice for others looking to do the same and free their kids education. We talked to him about all sorts of things for a special episode of Linux Outlaws. Hard hitting issues you want to know about, such as does he really record in a basement? We got to the bottom of that (no pun intended) and you’ll be able to hear the results very soon. I don’t have a release date for the show yet but as soon as I do I’ll be sure to shout about it. On Monday we recorded and streamed another Linux Outlaws as always. There were plenty of people in the IRC channel (#linuxoutlaws), getting involved, having fun and telling us we are wrong, which is frequent. We’re trying to get a set show time on Monday’s so people can plan around when to get online and join us. I want to try and make it early evening in Europe when people are home from work. The way time zones are it’s always going to be a bad time for someone in some part of the world I’m afraid, but we’re thinking 7pm (UK time) on Mondays.

An Arduino Board
An Arduino Board

On Tuesday I did some general jobs but also made a start editing the previous nights recording. It took a while longer than I’d expected and even after working on it most of Wednesday it still wasn’t quite ready for release. I had to go out early to get to Liverpool LUG and we decided to postpone the release by a day. I watched a great talk about Arduino by Ardian McEwen at LivLUG. Hardware hacking is uber geeky and it’s something I’ve never really gotten into myself, Arduino looks an affordable way to do that though. I recorded the talk with my portable Zoom but haven’t had a chance to do much with it yet. It’ll go on the LivLUG website I expect, I’ll post a link in due course. After the LUG there was time for a quick beer and some geeky chat with the rest of the gang before hotfooting it over to the tribute gig for a friend of mine on the Wirral. There was music, some laughs and some beer. A busy evening but lots of fun.

Towards the end of the week I picked up on some chatter about the Libre.fm project on Identi.ca and got in touch with Matt Lee. The resulting article did pretty well on Reddit and a few other places. It seems like a great project and I really hope it goes well. I’ll do whatever I can to help.


Tomorrow it’ll be Linux Outlaws Live again at 7pm (UK). You’re more than welcome to come and join us of course, there’s usually a good crowd in the IRC channel. I didn’t post my Arch Linux article last week as promised so I’ll endeavor to get that done in the next few days, it’s gonna be a monster. On Wednesday I’ll be heading over to Liverpool again to a meeting for the ScriptFrenzy challenge I’ve gotten myself into. I’m up to 16 pages at the moment and it’s going ok I think. You may even get to read it one day if it’s not awful. I’d like to release it under some kind of Creative Commons license but it’ll depend whether anything work reading comes out it.

Have a good week everyone, I’ll see you in 7 days 🙂



  1. About writing: Did you listen to the Hacker Public Radio episode by Lostnbronx where he participates in NaNoWriMo? It is very interesting:

  2. @mjjzf – I haven’t no but that sounds very interesting. Didn’t realize lostnbronx was a writer too, very cool! I don’t really listen to HPR I must confess because I don’t get the time to listen to an episode every day. I barely keep up with weekly shows. I’m usually sat with headphones on working on audio for someone else so I can’t really listen and work sadly. A few of the others in the Liverpool group do NaNoWriMo but I don’t think I’ll be attempting that, 50,000 words in a month is a bit daunting. You never know, we’ll see. Fab should do that one since he says he wants to write a book.

  3. I don’t listen to HPR regularly – but I sometimes look through the site and see what is new over the last couple of months.
    I think you’ll find his episode interesting – particularly his conclusions.
    As you know, I am a linguist by education, and I was actually interested in allying myself with others to create a set of quality Creative Commons (or something along those lines) language learning materials.
    I also have an idea for a language learning application which couples sound files with text files and some associated metadata.

  4. @mjjzf That sounds like a great idea. There are a lot of language training programs around but they seem to be heavily proprietary. Since translation is one of the big activities in most free software projects anyway, perhaps some of those people would be willing to help out 🙂 Sadly I don’t think I can be much use as I only know one language (to my shame) and some would say I don’t know that very well.

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