My Think Visibility Talk

As promised, here are the slides from my recent talk about podcasting and web broadcasting at the Think Visibility event in Leeds. These slides may not seem that useful on their own but hopefully you can glean some helpful information from them. The talk lasted about 35-40mins and I spent a long time talking about each slide but I’m afraid I don’t really have any written notes, I improvised a lot, as most people will attest I can waffle with the best of them. I did say I’d write out proper written notes to go with each slide but in reality I’m far too much of a lazy arse for that, sorry 😉 The event was about promoting yourself or your product on line so I tailored the talk a bit to this goal, it’s not just a general talk about the techinicalities of podcasting.

If you download the ODF source file (made in of course) you can see some notes attached to some of the slides but it’s hardly comprehensive. I will make a proper screencast as I’m much better at talking than writing and I hope it will make the whole thing more interesting, I can also show videos and have some fun. I’ve been testing out Record My Desktop and it’s going well. Should have more on that soon. I just realised it had been a while since I promised to post these slides and I should get it done.

This was my first time using the SlideShare web service but it seems to work well and I’m pleased they accept ODP format presentations 🙂



  1. RecordMyDesktop or, as I use it here, GTK-RecordMyDesktop is rather good. I have been using it a lot for shorter instruction videos.

    • @mjjzf – Yes that’s what I meant I’m using the GTK front end, should have said. It’s very cool, I’m just working out how to edit together a video with proper audio, titles and so on then I’ll be uploading short screencasts more often I hope. Video is not my forte but I’ll work it out, at least the soundtrack will be smoking 😀

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