Gpodder 0.15.0 Released

Howdy everyone, just wanted to mark your collective card about the release of the new Gpodder version 0.15.0 today. It looks like a great release and fixes 2 major bugs which have bothered some people for quite a while. Firstly the file naming scheme which we discussed with Thomas Perl (lead developer) on Linux Outlaws back in December. I had found this somewhat annoying myself and I’m pleased to see it sorted, credit to all concerned for that. The other major change is support for resuming of file downloads for those not fortunate enough to be on a fast Internet connection. I’m a big fan of Gpodder as a podcast client on Linux and it’s well worth a look if you haven’t tried it, you can also get a package for Maemo if you have a Nokia Internet tablet. There’s a decent range of packages on the site which can be installed with one click, so what have you got to lose? Nada.

Download Gpodder
Download Gpodder

Nice to see the application going from strength to strength and here’s to many more releases. Well done to Thomas and the team. Head over to the official Gpodder website and grab yourself a free copy 🙂


  1. Hey Dan,

    I wonder if this kind of post even requires any comments. If so, I’d like to say thanks for posting it. 😀 I’m a big gPodder fan, but I haven’t kept up with any updates. Good to know that some bug fixes are in the pipe.

    • @FregatR0n – Hey every comment is welcome and valued, besides it looks good on the page 😉 When we talked to Thomas he really made me think about the bug reporting process and telling developers if there’s a feature you want. We’re so used to just being told what’s good for us by proprietary companies we forget this. I like others had complained about the file naming thing in the past but never thought to actually log it. When I mentioned it to Thomas he said “nobody said, why didn’t you tell me I could have fixed it?”, I thought “yeah why didn’t I report it and not just bitch, I’m a bastard” 😛 I have to admit I only knew about the release because Thomas emailed me so I’m not psychic or anything. Enjoy the new version.

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