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The Mono Project
The Mono Project

Hey everyone, just a quick note to let you know that episode 75 of the Linux Outlaws podcast was released this afternoon. It contains our in-depth interview with Miguel De Icaza of Novell and I think you might find it really interesting. If you’re interested in hearing what the creator of Mono thinks about the possible patent threats, the Microsoft/Novell deal, the current state of Gnome development vs KDE and much much more please go and check it out. I’m sure a lot of people will say we weren’t hard enough on Miguel but I don’t see the point in getting a guest on just to berate them, I wanted to hear his opinion, I’ve heard everyone else’s so it’s only fair. He’s a really nice guy doing a lot of great work, he gave us a lot of his time and I think he gets a lot of unfair flak. This show was to redress the balance after the anti-Mono episode we did earlier with Dann Washko from TLLTS. You should make up your own mind what you think, this is just showing the different sides of the argument. For what it’s worth after listening to the arguments myself and weighing things up I’m still what I would call a Mono agnostic. Mono seems to be like the Marmite of the open source world, you either love it or hate it. Well I’m in the middle, I don’t remove Mono from my systems and I even use Mono apps like Gnome Do and Tomboy but at the same time I don’t develop with it and I’m not actively looking for Mono apps. To be honest I don’t really develop with anything these days, I would consider Mono if I were looking to do some desktop development. I just want apps that work and fulfill my requirements. When you’ve decided what you think can tell us your thoughts on this in the forum or leave a comment here if you prefer.

Ok enough gratuitous pimping of the show sorry 😉 I’m working on some other articles which you should see pop up here as the week goes on. Also please don’t forget the Liverpool LUG is meeting tomorrow night in a shiny new venue. It’ll be at the Liverpool Social Centre, 96 Bold St, Liverpool L1. It’s not far from the old venue in the FACT building, we should be having a talk and then on to some drinks afterwards I expect. It’ll be a lot of fun. For more information please read this post by Andrew Williams one of our valiant leaders. If you can make it we’d love to see you there.

See you there 🙂


EDIT: Ok as someone pointed out in the comments I should use OpenStreetMap and not Google Maps, so here’s the OSM data for Bold St. I’m not sure it’s as detailed to be fair, it doesn’t seem able to locate a road number in the street but then I suppose that’s down to lazy gits like me not putting data in, it’s a fair cop. I’ll have to find out exactly where the Social Centre is in the road and try to add it. Here you go:

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