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Hey folks, well you may notice that things have changed a little around here, those of you reading this in an RSS reader probably wont but please click through to the new site and have a look. This is my new digs, that’s British slang for home in case anyone is scratching their head. It’s a WordPress install as you can probably tell but instead of living at adventuresinopensource.com it’s now at danlynch.org/blog (you can also use the address blog.danlynch.org). That’s a slight change of plan but the main reason for this is the length of the URL, a few people advised me that adventuresinopensource.com was really just too long. After some thought I had to concede they were right. Luckily I had danlynch.org and wasn’t using it a whole lot so it makes perfect sense to be here instead. The other address will still redirect you so it’s the best of both worlds.

As I said in my last post I don’t want this to be a personal blog along the lines of “what I had for lunch” or “this funny thing my cat did”. I don’t even have a cat for a start so that would just be weird; instead I want to continue reviewing software, hardware and writing proper in-depth articles about Linux and related topics. There will be elements of my life in there of course but only in as much as it relates, LUG meetings, open source conferences, Linux Outlaws, general updates and so on. Only stuff I feel will be relevant and interesting for you. The title of the blog will stay the same and the content won’t be changing, just the URL. This is a completely separate entity to danlynch.org and can be read on it’s own merit. I’ll use the main site to host all the other things I do like music, podcasting, development or whatever it may be.

The design is pretty colourful and certainly a lot nicer than the old Blogger one but it’s only temporary. I want to make a custom theme that’s a bit more personal and definitely more Linux and tech related. That’ll take a while so don’t be surprised if it still looks like this in a month or so but I intend to get this changed, I’m determined! I’ll be getting my hands dirty with some HTML/CSS and probably cursing a lot as I mess things up trying to make it W3C compliant. I’ve probably gone a bit overboard on the WordPress plugins at first but I’m still settling in. I’ve enabled OpenID support if anyone wants to use that for commenting but I don’t intend to be offering people accounts here on the blog as such. I might do something a bit more like that on the main Drupal install for danlynch.org but it’s unlikely.

I hope all the feeds have redirected appropriately and you all find this easily enough. If you’d like to leave any thoughts, comments, criticisms or suggestions please do. I’ll get down to research for the first chunky review article in the next couple of days. I have to edit an interview for ep 72 of Linux Outlaws, we spoke to Campbell Barton (Blender developer) and I also have to edit the next Software Freedom Law Show for release on Tuesday.Β  I’ll keep you posted πŸ™‚

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  1. Temporary or not, it’s very pretty.

    I’m still looking forward to part 2 of “My Open Studio” – hoping you’ll do the legwork on finding the right software so I don’t have to. πŸ˜‰

    • @ciaran Thanks mate, a lot of people seem to think the theme is too colourful but I like it. I’m going to design something a bit more techy, I have a plan for the logo but I’ll need to call in some arty friends πŸ™‚ I’ll continue with the open studio thing as soon as I can, I actually just bought myself a Line 6 Pod XT off eBay which I’ll write about. It takes the job of modeling all the guitar sounds I need off the PC, I was using a VST plugin called Guitar Rig. You can get some VSTs to work in Linux but it’s not an ideal setup, this fixes that for me. The main challenge will be finding something that can match Groove Agent for drums or getting that to work in a VST host under Linux. Exciting stuff anyway, I’ll pull my finger out and get back to it soon. I’m gonna move all my music stuff to danlynch.org/music at the moment I publish tracks at http://shedmusic.net

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