Update: Liverpool LUG Meet, 3rd Sept, 7pm

Hey folks, just a quick note to let you know there’s a meeting of the Liverpool Linux User Group this Wednesday night at 7pm in the F@CT Building, right in the middle of town. I’ll be heading over and if anyone else wants to come down for a drink and a chat I encourage you to attend. We do talk about other things apart from Linux and we have a laugh. This will only be my second Liverpool LUG meeting so I’m hardly a vet but they seem to be a great bunch of people and this month we have a talk about cryptography and it’s importance today by Simon Johnson, a published author on the subject and member of the LUG. We’ll be meeting in the bar on the first floor of the F@CT Building. I had a little trouble finding it myself the first time so here’s the details:

FACT 88 Wood Street Liverpool L1 4DQ

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If you head into the building and follow the main large set of stairs you’ll find a small bar on the first floor, look to your right as you go up. If you hit the cinema at the top you’ve gone too far. Just look out for people in Linux t-shirts with eeePC’s and you can’t go too far wrong. Also I believe the bar staff have been told about our group and where we’ll be meeting so if you get stuck ask one of them. We aim to meet for about 7pm and I believe this time we’ll be moving to another room for the talk at about 7:30pm, so if you get there after that you may have to ask the staff where we are. If all else fails just keep an eye out for a 6 foot 4 bearded bloke in a Linux Outlaws t-shirt, I’m pretty hard to miss (see picture, I’m on the left) I may not be wearing the hat though unless there’s a popular demand hehehe

Whether you’re just beginning to get interested in Linux or you’re a veteran kernel developer being part of a LUG can offer a lot of benefits. I’ve only really got involved in my local LUGs in the last few months and I wish I’d done it sooner. So even if you’re not in range of this meeting or not even in the same country, have a look around your local area for other Linux users and existing LUGs, there’s power in numbers and besides it can be a great laugh 🙂

Hope to see some of you on Wednesday, I’ll be posting that Elonex Web Book review very shortly and I might bring it with me to the meet if you want to have a look.

Take it easy,



  1. Wait, wait, I’m good at this … lemme guess:
    the three in the picture are Artie Lange (John Belushi for you old farts who cant relate), Jean-Luc Picard from ST:TNG and Eric Stoltz, right?

  2. Hehe nice guesses, not sure I look like John Bulushi but he was a cool guy so I don’t mind. Loved the Blues Brothers 🙂

  3. Six foot four??!! No wonder you’re so laid back — at that size, it’s hard to get moving! Wish I was local, so I could go. I’m local to my own locale, but my locale isn’t local to anyone.

  4. Hehe yeah I am pretty laid back, like you said it’s too much effort to move when you’re my size 😀 Maybe you could find some fellow Linux users in your area too, you never know, can’t hurt to look 🙂

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