Distro Preview: openSUSE 11 with KDE4

Hey folks, something of a surprise review this time as I was asked to take a look at a preview version of openSUSE 11 for Linux Planet. I was given access to a finished version on the opensuse.org server about 24 hours before it’s release and told not to share the link with anyone. It all felt a bit James Bond… well ok maybe not quite but I can dream. I only had time to do a very quick review and it’s not up to my usual level of detail so that’s why I’ve called it a preview. It’s a lot shorter than normal but might give you a few ideas before I can get back to look at openSUSE 11 again in coming weeks. It was also my first chance to try KDE4 as well so it was quite an experience.

As usual you can’t leave comments over there but if you like you can add comments here and I’ll be happy to reply. So pay attention 007 and do try to bring the review back in one peice this time ok 😉


I’m back on Linux Mint 5 again now as I wanted to finish this review and then move on to look at openSUSE in more depth. Keep an eye out for that and in the meantime there’s always Linux Outlaws to listen to if you get bored hehe 🙂

I’ll report back soon,


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