Update: Extreme Linux Installing… well kind of

Greetings once again one and all, in the last post I mentioned how I’d recently found myself installing Linux whilst sat in the bar of a ferry crossing the Irish Sea. I have to say it’s got to be the most exotic place I’ve ever installed Linux, so I thought I’d elaborate a little on an adventure in open source of an all together different nature.

I went over to the Isle of Man for a friends wedding and took my Dell m1330n laptop with me which runs Ubuntu Gutsy. I used it a lot while I was there and it was running well but I wanted to reinstall the OS for some reason, I can’t remember exactly why now but I suspect boredom was high on the list. For some reason I decided the ferry ride home would be the perfect time to do this. Maybe I’d been out in the sun too long. However, with a fully charged battery and a crazed look in my eye I boarded the vessel abd took residence in the bar.

I sat at a table looking out of the back window at the passing sea while the installation went through. It was a pretty funny scene as the place was full of drunken students who’d been at some athletics meeting on the island. I felt a bit out of place really, no because of the drinking and partying of course I’m right at home with that but athletics??!!! Come off it man, you can leave me out of that, I’ll just keep the bar warm while you run up and down the beach in the rain thanks very much šŸ˜€

The install worked well but I’d forgotten one major drawback to doing this while stranded in the middle of the Irish Sea, no internet connection to install updates of course. I was pretty screwed on that front as not even my mobile phone could get a signal. The base install worked great and it was funny to hear a group of about 50 students behind me chanting “down it… down it… down it” in some kind of bizarre drinking game as the little progress bar went about it’s business. A few people wandered past occasionally and looked at me bemused, sat in the middle of this carnage but it was largely uneventful really.

The whole experience got me thinking, why don’t I do this kind of thing more? Could it be a geeky new extreme sport? I use the words “sport” and “extreme” in the loosest possible sense obviously but it was pretty crazy. Next time you’re sat at your desk installing Linux or lolling on the couch just think, you could be doing that on top of a mountain or at a rock gig, anywhere your heart desires. It could be a bit like that other not very extreme pass time extreme ironing. Just remember if you’re gonna do it somewhere without mobile phone coverage at the very least, pack an AptOnCD disk with you ok? The 50 drunk students is of course optional hehehehe šŸ™‚

If you’ve installed Linux in a crazy location yourself and you want to share a picture or a story please feel free to leave a comment. It beats sitting in the office and with mobile computing so easy these days, why not? I did see something else while I was on the Isle Of Man which I had to get a picture of as it made me laugh so much. It’s totally unrelated to open source I’m afraid but I think you might still enjoy it. Check out who collects the scrap cars on the island, Rambo & Son??!!

In other personal open source events this week, I recorded episode 33 of Linux Outlaws with Fab and you should be able to hear it very soon. I’m also testing out Dream Linux 3.0 right now (sadly not on a ferry) so expect a review over the weekend. Until then happy extreme installing everyone.



  1. Installing Gentoo while running with the olympic torch maybe?
    Or maybe while hanggliding? That’d be rad. šŸ™‚

    //Johan from the Linux Outlaws forum.

  2. Yeah that would be pretty extreme I have to say. Nice idea Johan, you go first and I’ll be right behind you ok? hehehe šŸ™‚

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