Review: Pyrolinux 1.0 Blaze

That’s right just when you thought it was safe to check your feed reader I’m back with another distro review 🙂 This time it’s Pyrolinux 1.0 which I reviewed for Linux Planet, so please head over there and take a look if you want to see what I thought.

As for other reviews, I’m currently running Vector Linux 5.9 after a short while running 5.8 which I had mistaken for the latest release. It seems the Distrowatch website is more up to date than the actual distros own website, which I found quite strange. Anyway, 5.9 was released on December 21st so it’s pretty new. I’ll be giving you a full report this week and then onto Wolvix I think. As I said I wanted to review Vector, Zenwalk and Wolvix as close together as possible since they’re often compared directly, they’re all competing in the same user space I think.

Should be interesting I hope so stay tuned, same bat time, same bat channel 😉

Take it easy,



  1. Interesting review on Pyrolinux Dan, as all your reviews are of course! I’ve made sure to bookmark the page for future reference to see where they go, how they do, but I’ll stay clear for now. 😉

    Interesting your little online chat ordeal with “our friends at Dell”. Do they happen to have a “QA Dept” for customer service by any chance? Perhaps someone there would be more than a little fascinated with the snapshot which you took? Just an idea. IMHO there shouldn’t be any difference and a person should receive the same courteous reception via online chat as they would over a phone inquiry or email. But perhaps that’s just me?

    Since the last time I posted to you Dan I’ve switched distros and am now writing you from Mint 4.0. It’s fabulous! 🙂 I’ve loved Debian ever since coming in contact with it in Sidux, which I later removed for Mepis 7.0, and I enjoy even moreso than Sidux. But this Mint 4.0 is just totally mind-blowing. I’m glad my friend kept on telling me just how good it was which finally convinced me to try it. 🙂

    Looking forward though still to your VectorLinux 5.9 and Wolvix reviews! Sorry to have read that you’d grabbed the wrong one and got 5.8 but hey—at least you’ll see all the changes within and can make comparisons that way too! Not a minus but a big plus for all involved mate!

    Keep up the fab work our friend!


  2. Thanks for the kind comments, very much appreciated. I did love Mint 4.0 it’s one of the most complete and easiest to use distros I’ve seen to date. Very impressive I think.

    I’ll be posting the Vector review in the next day or so, it’s nearly done 🙂


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