The Microsoft Smear Campaign Rolls Onto

Following up on my story earlier this week, Microsoft filling Google ads with anti-Linux FUD in the guise of a newspaper called “The Highly Reliable Times” or “Highly Bullshit Times” as I prefer to call it, I saw this screen below when I visited just now:

I think I said something like “AARGGHGHGHGHRGHGHGHGHGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” but there may have been a few more exclamation marks, it was an emotional moment and my memory is clouded. Once I’d calmed down I more rationally said “what the fuck is this shite doing on!!” again there may have been more exclamation marks but bare with me. Microsoft are so desperate to deflect some attention away from what a steaming pile of shite Vista is they’re going all out with this FUD campaign.

There is a legal term for the practice of extorting money from people by making thinly valed threats, it’s called a protection racket. So remember to run along and pay your “protection” money to the nice men at Microsoft everyone cos it’s a rough neighbourhood around here and you never know what can happen otherwise.

…don’t forget to pay your respects to the FUDfather.

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  1. Hey Dan Great post so you did get the snap on that photo. Incredible to say the least. I look forward to hearing about it on your nest podcast.

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