My server is now free of Windows. Stop!! …Hammer Time!

Yes that’s right I am finally Windows-free and it feels good I have to say šŸ™‚ As I may have mentioned here before I was once a .NET developer in the dark old days before I saw the light. So I used to develop quite a lot of web applications in ASP.NET and it was a good platform I have to say, nothing inherently wrong with it just doesn’t fit my ethos any more. I signed up for a 2 year hosting deal with a Windows host who provided MSSQL databases etc because of this, even though I have been using Linux on my desktop for the past 2 years (I switched almost right after signing that deal) I was stuck with MS on my server. That’s pretty crazy and has to be the opposite of what 99% of the world does, it’s supposed to be Windows on the desktop and Linux on the server right? Well that’s what most people seem to think anyway but now I’m happy to announce I have Linux on the desktop and Linux on server woo hoo šŸ™‚

I signed up for a Linux VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting deal a couple of months back and have been gradually migrating my domains over from the old host since, I finally finished late last week and officially cancelled so I am now free of Windows. There’s just one problem really that I can see, I don’t know a damn thing about Unix server admin arrgghh!!! I’ve already had a few minor disasters with the new server through my general ignorance but I’m learning fast. Hopefully before too long I will be a competent Linux sysadmin or at least that’s the plan.

My server is running CentOS Linux which is the free version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux and while my experience has mostly been in Debian I’m impressed so far. I have Cpanel Web Host Manager set up and I have to say it really helps, the goal is to be able to do everything in the terminal like a proper Unix admin but for now this is a life saver. So how does one go about becoming a Unix admin guru anyway, read lots of books? Get locked in a server room for 20 years? Complete an assault course or something? All of the above probably, I’m on the hunt for decent books or courses to help me in completing my transition from Evil Empire henchman to cuddly open source Ewok, so if anyone has any pointers they would be gratefully received.

For now though I am just basking in the glow of having my own Linux web server to bugger up. It’s gonna be a wild ride but I can’t wait. So like I said before… it’s hammer time!!! and yes I am wearing big parachute pants, hey MS you can’t touch this šŸ™‚

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