Are You Ready For Software Freedom Day 2007?

I’ve been getting so distracted lately I’ve hardly blogged here so apologies for that everyone, hopefully things will calm down again soon… though somehow I doubt it πŸ˜‰

I do have an interesting event to tell you all about though. Software Freedom Day 2007 will soon be upon us, it’s on Saturday the 15th of September. The event takes place in the picturesque setting of Kathmandu, Nepal where international teams of developers and open source advocates will gather to discuss the issues facing them in the future. At the same time all over the world people will be holding events to raise awareness of free and open source software and more importantly why it should matter to us all.

From the official website: Transparent and sustainable technologies are vital to ensuring we can protect our freedoms. Think about e-Government systems such as electronic voting. When the system running our voting is proprietary or closed, it means that we can’t be sure what the software actually does, so how can we trust the results?”

The event has been running for a few years now and is steadily growing. There are even some heavy duty sponsors on board this year in the form of Google, the Free Software Foundation, Canonical and the Danish Unix Users Group (try saying that when you’ve had a few beers). It’s a really great event and a very important cause for all of our futures I think so go over and have a look at the website to find out more details.


A quick cautionary word though, I don’t know who chose the colour scheme for the website but it’s about as subtle as a slap in the face. Epileptics you have been warned πŸ˜‰

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