No UK Demand For Linux Laptops Says Acer

Forgive me readers for it has been a week since my last post, I’ll try harder to stay on top of this thing I promise. Been quite busy lately with podcasts and other such things but I’ll make an effort to hunt down some open source news for you this week 😉

I did find a juicy story to make up for my absence. The PC manufacturer Acer has just launched a laptop in Japan that will be shipped with Ubuntu Linux, a company spokesman also said they had no intention of releasing a Linux machine in the UK because there was “no demand”.

Acer Spokesman – “[Acer models] with Ubuntu pre-loaded are available at the factory level. However, there is no demand for it in the UK. Therefore, those configurations are not an option [for UK customers] at the moment,” “If the demand was there, then Acer would sell it,”

Can this really be true? If so does it shed light on the reasons why Dell is dragging it’s heels over making Ubuntu systems available in the UK. I find it hard to believe that Linux is more popular in America than in Europe though, I don’t have any hard facts or figures here but I know plenty of people who use Linux in the UK… and on laptops too!! Granted I move in geeky circles and Linux is popular with my crowd but controversially I also know a fair few non-techies that use Ubuntu and love it.

I thought the overwhelming flood of response on the Dell Ideastorm site would have dispelled the myth that nobody wants Linux, am I so wrong? It wouldn’t be the first time. I know that within the general public awareness of Linux is growing and I’m damn sure that if there’s a demand in America then there’s also demand in Europe, Linux is named after it’s European creator Linus Torvalds after all. I think Acer is just making excuses here and they don’t want to deal with the support strain a Linux system would put on them in the UK. I also suspect that’s the reason Dell is being so slow, finding and training Linux support people is difficult. Good Unix engineers are like gold dust it seems, we constantly hear about the lack of qualified IT people and the impending crisis if nothing is done. You can be sure no amount of Microsoft approved courses alone is going to fix that. I know, I’ve done a few 🙂

If there are any students out there reading this or even IT professionals looking to boost their CV a bit my advice is this, forget the MCP training crap and learn about *nix systems if you want to be in a strong position within the industry. There’s nothing wrong with knowing both but having a Linux string to you bow will be a boon for you in job hunting.

Just my 2 cents worth and not a very fact laden post I admit. Check out the ZDnet article below for more information on this story.


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