Lenovo To Release Linux Laptops

Good news for freedom lovers everywhere as another hardware manufacturer follows Dell’s lead into Linux land. The latest is Lenovo, a branch of IBM known for it’s laptops. They announced at the LinuxWorld expo this week that they’ll be selling laptops to business and crucially home customers with Linux pre-installed. This is great news and surely the likes of HP can’t sit back and ignore the changing tide in the market. Lenovo have gone for Novell’s SuSE Linux distribution as their choice. I’m not sure exactly why they did this but it’s a great distribution with a good pedigree, I was a little surprised they didn’t go for Ubuntu as so many other companies have but there’s nothing wrong with a bit of diversity I suppose. I picked up this story from the BBC news website so follow the link below if you want to read more there.


I’m not getting carried away and I don’t think the Windows domination of desktop machines is going to die away quickly, I’m not even convinced it will ever die away completely but the number of Linux users grows daily as defectors enjoy their first taste of freedom. The very fact that Microsoft is now trying to discredit Linux betrays their underlying feeling that it is now a credible threat and a few years ago that just wasn’t the case, things are getting better for Linux users all the time, there’s a long way to go but my friends our time is coming, we are the future and they are the past. I really believe that. If you need any convincing of the growing Linux user base, checkout this quote from the BBC article

BBC News – Analysts believe that approximately 6% of computers users run Linux, similar to the numbers choosing Apple Macs.

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