Ubuntu 7.10 Tribe 3 Released

Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with the pace of developments in the Open Source world, most Linux distros have a new release out every 6 months and while some people think it would be better to make it an annual thing, I like the 6 month cycle. The Ubuntu developers don’t hang about do they, they’ve just released the 3rd alpha of Ubuntu 7.10 (codename Gutsy Gibbon) for testing by the public.

The new features highlighted for testing in this release include:

  • Upgrade tool – From Feisty to Gutsy
  • Compiz Fusion – 3D effects to salivate over
  • Gnome 2.19.5 – Latest Gnome desktop alpha
  • Power profiles – To improve laptop battery management
  • New Rythmbox – Version 0.11.1 with gapless playback and more
  • Ebox – Network service manager, allows administration via web interface
  • AppArmour – Improved security by closer management of individual process rights

All in all there’s nothing ground breaking to see yet but I still think it’s exciting, what can I say I’m easily pleased 😉 It should be stressed that this is only a pre-production release and shouldn’t be installed onto any vital machines for obvious reasons, though in the past I knew many people who used the alphas of Feisty for their main desktops. I suppose it depends how brave you are, personally I think I’ll stick to using testing machines and virtual desktops for now. It’s important to test these releases and submit bug reports if you can, it really helps the developers and if you have the time I urge you to help out. You don’t have to be a Linux guru or a programmer to help here, testing is one of the most vital areas of development. We’re all in this together it’s open source baby 🙂

The final release of Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon is due out in October 2007 which is creeping ever closer and I can’t wait. I can tell you it’s Christmas every 6 months for me these days. Checkout the official 7.10 Tribe3 page with the link below to get CD images and more information. Happy testing everyone.


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