Video: The New Comiz Fusion 3D Desktop

Hey folks, me again. Just a quick post this time because I really think you should checkout this cool video. It’s the new combined Compiz Fusion 3D desktop live in action. A while back the Compiz Project was forked (split up basically) and some of the developers started the Beryl Project which was seen as a little more experimental and cutting edge by some. Now they have made up and come back together to create Compiz Fusion, what a glorious thing. We see too much of projects forking in the open source world I think, there’s nothing wrong with it in principle but I think the old adage “there is strength in numbers” has to be remembered at times.

The new project looks amazing, if this doesn’t get people interesting in Linux then nothing will. Enjoy the video.

Still impressed with those Vista Aero Effects? … I thought not 😉


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  2. I will so be showing this off….

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