123-reg offers dedicated Ubuntu Linux servers in the UK

This is a great story, I picked it up the other day. UK web host 123-reg (the hosting arm of Pipex broadband) has started offering it’s customers Ubuntu on dedicated web servers. What a great idea, I’m tempted myself πŸ™‚

As you know I’m a massive – really massive if that’s possible – fan of Ubuntu, it’s my full time desktop at home and it’s also a great server platform as well. 123-reg will be offering it’s customers Ubuntu 6.06 Dapper Drake LTS. This is a popular choice on servers because the LTS bit stands for Long Term Support and updates are guaranteed till 2011. That’s vital for anyone looking to build a server, the main desktop edition of Ubuntu moves so fast with a new release every 6 months, no sys admin in their right mind wants to be upgrading the OS that often. Server downtime must be kept to an absolute minimum in that game.

Mark Beyer, Marketing Director, Pipex SME Hosting β€œWe’re pleased to be one of the first web hosts to offer Ubuntu as its Linux operating system of choice,”

β€œWe spoke to our customers about which operating system they wanted on our dedicated servers, and Ubuntu was a name that kept coming up. It’s robust and easy to use, which fits closely into our values of providing good value, yet high performance, web hosting.”

Good news for Ubuntu I reckon and great news for Pipex customers. I’ve been looking for a dedicated Ubuntu server host myself, so I’ll definitely be checking them out. Ubuntu just goes from strength to strength it seems. An estimated 8 Million users worldwide, still a drop in the ocean compared to Windows but the number of people switching is growing massively every day. On the server end Ubuntu is still a way behind the more established enterprise server distributions like Red Hat and Novell’s SUSE, however it is based on the fantastic Debian Linux (I’m showing my bias here) which has long been a popular choice on servers because of it’s stability and easy of use.

The future is bright my friends, oh yes. All this fuss over Microsoft’s IP covenant deals is just the death throws of a once great giant in my opinion. Now… should I drop a considerable amount of cash on a Windows server or get a Linux one for free… let me think… hmm? You don’t need a degree in accounting to work out what effect that will have on your bottom line πŸ˜‰


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