OpenCola – Open Source Cola

It seems the open source ethos can be applied to all kinds of things, not just software. There is even an open source cola now called OpenCola. It’s licensed under the GNU Public License meaning the ingredients and recipe are openly available to anyone who wants them. The only proviso is that any changes made to the drink must be released back into the community. Cool hey, what a great idea.

The drink was originally designed as a way of illustrating free software and open source theory to a wider audience but now it has actually been made into a real drink. OpenCola was founded in Canada and unfortunately I don’t think it’s available in other countries yet but there are plans afoot to start making it in Italy. I certainly haven’t seen it on any supermarket shelves in the UK as yet but I would certainly buy it and I know plenty of others who would do the same.

I really like the idea behind OpenCola and I hope it succeeds in spreading the open source message to more people around the world, I firmly believe if more people understood the principles behind the movement they would want to get involved and make a difference. Freedom can be achieved though unity.

If you want to make some OpenCola for yourself here’s a guide to the process –

I think I might have a go at designing open source lager next πŸ˜€

Right, all this talk of cola has made me thirsty so I’m off to get a drink, see you later peeps. Feel free to comment on the blog if you want πŸ˜‰

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