The Fawn Is Almost Upon Us (Ubuntu 7.04)

Well there’s not long to wait now. The new edition of Ubuntu 7.04 “The Feisty Fawn” is due for release tomorrow (Thursday 19th April) and personally I can’t wait. As you probably know by now if you’ve been here before, Ubuntu is my main OS and the new release promises to be the best yet. (Other Linux Distributions are available)

I’ve been trying out Feisty on VMWare since the herd 3 (alpha) release and it’s always been very stable for me. I’ve even heard of many people using an alpha version as their main OS. I’m not sure I’m that brave but it does show the quality of the software. Like most discerning consumers however, my favorite thing about Ubuntu is that it’s free, as in free beer and also free as in free speech πŸ˜€

Apart from that though here are some of the main features of Feisty:

  • Codec Wizard – for easy installation of restricted codecs
  • Improved Virtualisation – Added Hardware Support
  • Windows Migration Manager – nuff said
  • Desktop Effects – 3D goodness from Beryl and Compiz
  • Thin Client – For setting up computer labs with Edubuntu
  • Loads more cool stuff

So it’s looking good. You can even get a free Feisty CD shipped to your door with ShipIt so you’ve got no excuses not to be using Ubuntu and freeing yourself πŸ˜‰ I heard that Mark Shuttleworth has already announced the name of Feisty’s successor – Gutsy Gibbon. I’m not sure where they get the names but they make a great OS. Now I’m off to pray for decent bandwidth on the download servers when the ISO is released πŸ˜€

I’ll let you know how I get on.

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