It’s All About People Not Computers

I just started using Jaiku after hearing about it on net@nite and it’s amazing. It’s even more addictive than I imagined it could be. I never used Twitter, it just kind of passed me by but for some reason I felt like trying Jaiku out and now I am addicted. It’s only been about 18 hours since I signed up and I already have 12 contacts and have posted like crazy on there all day. When I signed up someone said to me “welcome to Jaiku it’s like crack for the Internet” I thought they were joking but now I’m not so sure. I’ve added a Jaiku widget to the sidebar on the site so you can see my latest Jaiku.

I think they should call it Cyber Crack although this might not be the best image to promote for your site 😀

Check Jaiku out if you haven’t seen it. I think like a lot of people I signed up and thought “this looks ok but what am I going to use it for, I bet I won’t do much on it”. This morning I posted what I was having for breakfast and got about 5 replies. WTF??? It then led into an Alan Partridge discussion with a guy I’d never met from Finland, thats the power of the Internet I suppose. It connects people.

Everyone thinks the Internet is just about computers but they miss the point, it’s really about people. Thats the beauty of it, thats what they coined the whole idea of Web 2.0 around. See you over on Jaiku peeps 🙂

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