Friends In High Places

I got a surprising email today and I thought I’d share it with you. It was from the Prime Minister of Great Britain. At first I thought I was seeing things, then I thought it was the worst scam ever. Let me guess he needs my bank account details to give me loads of money right hmm??!!!

The curiosity was too much and I opened it, it was actually from Number 10!!! It’s a reply to a petition I’d signed and forgotten about on the government website. It seems the petition to get Bob Paisley a posthumous knighthood has failed sadly.

It’s a shame but still it was nice to get an email telling me the outcome, I expect everyone on the list got the exact same thing but it still felt kinda cool to feel like someone is listening to what you have say. I don’t even know if the Prime Minister wrote it and yet I have a strange sense on pride anyway. Like I’ve achieved something by receiving what is effectively a mail shot.

It seems I have friends in high places…

I used to just go to my friends places to get high lol 😉

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