Logic Bomb cover artA few years back I was part of ska/punk band called Kagnee. We played together for about 3 years and had amazing fun. I only left the band due to illness sadly, but thankfully I still have plenty of good laughs and good music to look back on. We started out as a 3 piece band back in early 2002. Formed when I was contacted out of the blue by old music college mate and partner in crime, Spenner. He played guitar and sang. I played bass and keyboards, and also sang. We found ourselves a crazy drummer in the form of Sawdust, so called because he could go through a set of wooden drum sticks in one rehearsal without breaking a sweat. There would literally be sawdust pile of sawdust around his drum kit by the end of a rehearsal. He could also rap, which worked out brilliantly.

We all liked different music really and only crossed over in certain areas. I was always deep into funk and hip hop, amongst other things. Spenner was a huge Bob Dylan fan and also into blues and folk. Ste (Sawdust) was into hardcore punk, ska and drum & bass. The one thing we all immediately agreed on was The Clash. So we played a mad mix of styles, mostly ska and punk oriented. Every band says this but I really believe we had a unique sound. When you heard a Kagnee song, you knew it was Kagnee. We later discovered this was a double edged sword as most people like music they can easily pigeon hole, they simply didn’t know what to make of us.

I’ve finally gotten around to uploading our last EP to Jamendo. It’s called “Logic Bomb” and it was recorded in late 2004. My mate Andy did the cover art and it features another good mate H putting his head through a TV screen. This is the sort of thing that happens if you’re friends with me, be warned! It’s an illusion though, we didn’t really make him put his head through a TV, it probably would have killed him. By this time we had become a 4 piece band with the addition of Fingers (Dave) who played keyboards on these recordings. He was also an amazing drummer, guitarist and multi-instrumentalist. What a git! He gave so much to our sound and we had many great nights laughing, smoking and playing darts very badly in our rehersal room. I blame the smoking for my poor darts, but deep down I know it’s not true 🙂


The EP can be downloaded or streamed from Jamendo and I’ve embedded the player above. I hope you enjoy the tracks. Feel free to share them to friends if you like, it’s all CC licensed.

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