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Hey everyone, I hope you’re good out there. I just wanted to take a quick moment today to tell you about a new show I’m producing for my friends at the Software Freedom Conservancy. For many years (about 13 years in fact) I produced a show for them called Free As In Freedom. Updates have been sporadic but now I’m pleased to say they are launching a brand new show called The Corresponding Source and guess who’s producing? That’s right.

You can find the new show on their website and there should be new episodes every 2 weeks. I edit the audio, produce the mp3 and ogg files, and generally advise on microphones and other such equipment. It’s a role I’ve always enjoyed and I have to confess being in an audio editor is my happy place. I use only Free and Open Source Software to produce the show in keeping with their ethos. Audacity is my tool of choice and while it has it’s quirks, I really find it invaluable for my workflow.

Audacity logo, blue headphones with a yellow sound wave and the word Audacity to the right of it.

Each show Karen and Bradley will be discussing the latest developments in the Free Software world and where it intersects with law and licensing. They do a great job of explaining complex legal ideas and I learn a lot from each episode. Conservancy is a great organisation as a whole and if you want to read about what they do you can do so here. The first episode introduces co-host Karen Sandler, for any new listeners. Give it a listen and see what you think.

The first episode can be found here.

On a sidenote, I enjoy producing and editing podcasts as I have said, so should you find yourself in need of help with anything like that please drop me a line. I need to update the production page on this site but I’ll get onto that ASAP.

I hope you enjoy the show and I’ll be back soon with more updates. Until then, take care out there and I hope things go well for you all πŸ™‚


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