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Hello all, I hope you are good and 2024 is treating you well so far. I wanted to write today to tell you about my weekly radio show. For those who don’t know I’ve been presenting a show on ArroweSound Hospital Radio for a little while now, almost 2 years in fact now that I think about it, time flies when you’re having fun hey. I thought I would share a little more information about it.

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I discovered from talking to friends in other countries that hospital radio is pretty much a British institution. If I am wrong and you also have it in your country please do let me know. It’s exactly what it sounds like. Radio programming designed for hospital patients and staff to keep them informed and entertained throughout the day. In the UK many well known broadcasters have started out in hospital radio and it’s a great proving ground, a place to learn the fundamentals of radio presenting and gain experience.

ArroweSound is the station for Arrowe Park hospital on the Wirral in Merseyside. The most famous part of Merseyside is obviously Liverpool but the county actually covers both sides of the Mersey estuary. Arrowe Park is a pretty big hospital and it was opened in 1982. I had many trips to the accident and emergency department as a kid. I was always falling out of trees or having various misadventures, breaking bones, and even once cutting my own finger off (no kidding). The staff kindly sewed it back on. I’m pleased to report the finger works as normal and I’m glad it does, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to play the guitar very well today.

Arrowe Park Hospital Entrance

ArroweSound had it’s 50th birthday last year because it actually started life as Radio Catherine in 1973 at St Catherine’s Hospital in Birkenhead.

I joined the station in 2022 and I do a weekly show on Thursday nights 7pm to 9pm (UK time) but it’s broadcast via the internet, so anyone can listen around the world. I’ve had feedback from people in Australia, Scandinavia and other places which is really lovely. The show is called The Mid-Week Pick N Mix and it reflects my eclectic taste in music. Each week I pick an artist to feature and talk about in detail. I tell their life story as best i can and relate anecdotes, as well as playing a few tracks by them throughout the show. It could be a famous artist like Paul Simon, Tina Turner, or perhaps someone lesser known like Nick Drake. I enjoy doing the research for these and I adore music history so it’s a labour of love really.

Me on ArroweSound

Many people have asked me if they can get the show as a podcast and sadly the answer right now is no, due to music licensing. We play commercial music and we don’t have a license to use it for podcasts. The copyright laws still haven’t quite caught up with the podcasting phenomena, even in 2024.

So I’ve decided that in future I will write up a little article about my Artist In The Spotlight here on the blog and include a playlist of music from them to accompany it. Hopefully it’s something you’ll enjoy.

Have a listen to the radio show if you’re interested and able. You can listen via the website, on the TuneIn app or via a smart speaker like Alexa or Google Home. You can just ask them to “play Arrowesound Hospital radio”.

It might be something for those who used to enjoy my music show Rathole Radio and I’m happy to take requests and read out messages. We have various ways of getting in touch via the website.

Take care out there and I’ll speak to you again soon.


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