Weekly Rewind #91

It’s that time again, time for another Weekly Rewind. As I typed number 91 into the WordPress title box I suddenly became consious of the fact we’re rapidly heading for triple figures. Ok, so maybe “rapidly” is an exageration, but we’re getting there. It’s been a fun week and there’s plenty to talk about though, so enough pondering numbers. Let’s get into it.

I left you last time on Tuesday night so it’s actually a perfect week since I posted, not often that happens these days. On Wednesday July 6th I got a crash course in Gnome 3 as I tested out my new Fedora 15 install. I’m typing this on Fedora 15 right now actually and I’ll write up some more in depth thoughts once I’ve had a bit more time to kick the tyre. Early impressions of Gnome 3 are mostly good. There’s some things I like and some I don’t. I’m keeping my powder dry for that big write up though. That’s all you’re getting for now.

The DoES Liverpool logo. That text in a black and white box.
The DoES Liverpool logo

On Wednesday evening I headed down to the Liverpool Social Centre as we met up for another LivLUG. That’s the local Linux group which of course I’m a member of. I’ve been going for about 3 years and I’ve made a lot of good friends there. Not least Adrian, who always seems to get a mention in these write ups. He gave a talk this time about the amazing stuff they’re doing with DoES Liverpool. We’re finally going to have a cool place in Liverpool for a hackspace and an office/co-working area. They’ll be offering hot desking facilities and loads more over time. It’s very exciting and I really have to give credit to Adrian, John, Paul, Ross, Hakim, Andy and everyone who’s actually made this happen. It’s easy to talk about big ideas without actually acting on them, I’m sure we all do it to some degree. But these guys are really making cool things happen and I hope I can help them in future. LivLUG was great fun as always and we had some good discussion on sorting out our website, organising the meetings and announcing them. Our website has been down a while and I’d been thinking recently how crazy it was for a group of Linux geeks not to have a working website. Luckily Bob had thought the same and actually did something more about it. I refer you to my earlier comment about ideas. Anyway, we’ll have it fixed up soon. I already created a Facebook page (boo now if you want) and registered the Posterous blog to push the announcements to the various social networks.

On Thursday I was back in Bold Street to attend the first birthday of Jelly Liverpool at LEAF. It’s a co-working event designed to get folks who usually work at home into a room together. So they can have those water cooler conversation moments you don’t always get otherwise. I wasn’t at the first one and I think it was possibly the 3rd before I made it, but me being me the first question was “where’s the jelly?!”. Apparently it’s just a name. This time we actually had jelly for the anniversary though and Allison made it with her own fair hands. I caught up with friends while also doing a lot of editing work in Audacity. The bulk of the heavy lifting for Linux Outlaws 217, which was released at the weekend. LEAF seems the perfect location to me and it’s great to seem them going from strength to strength. It’s nice that I only live 15min walk from LEAF these days too. If you live in Liverpool and haven’t been there for a cup of tea or a look around yet you should. Since they moved to a prime location in Bold St it’s really doing well. On Thursday night I met the 20lb gang and we got back to work practising our new set. You’re probably tired of hearing this now but I think the 14 song set we have makes a great hour of entertainment. There’s 11 originals and 3 covers. I won’t dwell on that for now as we have other stuff to talk about, but sometime in future I’ll really break down what’s happening with the band and where we hope to take it.

A picture of Specials founder Jerry Dammers holding an anti-racism banner.
Jerry Dammers

On Friday I did more editing on Linux Outlaws and then shipped it back to Fab. After that there was some admin stuff and plenty of housework to catch up on. Not the most rock and roll day ever so let’s skip to Saturday. In the afternoon my oldest friend Will came over and we headed to a free sound system event at Liverpool University, right on my doorstep. It’s was a Love Music Hate Racism event and supported the Anthony Walker Foundation. A cause you couldn’t help but support if you know the story. It was a sunny day and loads of us sat on the grass catching up and listening to the music. Jerry Dammers from The Specials came and did a DJ set and used my friend Howie’s mixer. Pretty crazy stuff but a good day all round. Later I cooked food and we hung out at my flat. On Sunday afternoon I walked down to Dale St from more rocking with 20lb Sounds. It was a good session and I shot home afterwards to finish preparing Rathole Radio for 9pm that evening. I quickly realised that doing the prep before having fun would have been more productive. I got the show on the road eventually and everyone enjoyed it. I also got the guitar out and did a live song which people were very kind about.

Yesterday I recorded an interview with Fab for Linux Outlaws early in the afternoon. We spoke to Randall Ross about the Ubuntu Community Week after a tip off from community manager extrodinaire Jono Bacon. Randall had a lot of interesting things to say and that will become part of the next Linux Outlaws. Number 219. We also did the live show later that night. Ubuntu Community Week actually starts next Monday, July 18th, so if you want to learn more about Linux and Ubuntu check it out. Today I released the podcast of Rathole Radio and caught up with some other stuff. You can download that now as Rathole Radio 56. I should also say that my good friend Anna B has been helping me out lately and spurring me on to really sort out the Rathole Radio website. Her support and encouragement are always fantastic. Expect more news on that in future.

Another quick thing to mention before parting is that OggCamp emails and admin stuff have been continuing with avengance. It’s all coming together now but as always with these events there’s trials and tribulations. Sponsorship stuff is still not finally wrapped up but we’re onto other things now and it’s only a month away. The last month is where things get exciting I’d say, having organised a few of these. I spoke to Wayne Myers AKA Fit & The Conniptions and I’m pleased to say he’ll be doing a talk for us on the weekend. Professional music recording on Linux is the theme and of course with that subject matter I’ve practically died and gone to heaven. He’ll also be playing some music for us on the Saturday evening which will be great too. Make sure you join us at Farnham Maltings, Surrey on the 13th & 14th of August if you’re able to travel. Apologies to those overseas.

Ok that’s everything up to date for now.


So let’s look at what’s coming up. Tomorrow, Wednesday July 13th I will be co-hosting FLOSS Weekly again with Randal. Our guest is EnanoCMS which I don’t know much about at this stage but I’ll be reading up on overnight. There’s a lot of Open Source CMS tools out there but I want to do the project justice of course and I’m sure it’ll be fun. You can tune in, chat along and join the fun at 17:30 UK tomorrow. As for the rest of the week I’ll be editing Linux Outlaws, making music, writing, being a geek and probably getting up to other as-yet-unspecified shenannigans. Join me next time to see what transpires.

Until then, take care of yourselves.



  1. Hi Dan, glad you’re keeping well.

    Just to let you know. mcqn.net doesn’t resolve without www. in the front.

    • @owen – Ah thank you, I didn’t know that. I wonder if Adrian knows, I thought he would have that sorted in the DNS. I’ll pass on the info and update the link 🙂

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