Weekly Rewind #39

rewindlogoSooooo… time for Weekly Rewind number 39, and this update finds me sat in my front room nursing a beer late on a Monday night. We just recorded another Linux Outlaws earlier and it was a lot of fun as always, I’m pretty tired now though. I getting later with these updates which were originally meant to be every Sunday, I seem to get busy or distracted. The problem is I’m leaving it so long that I’m actually having trouble remembering what i did last week now. That’s not a good sign. So let’s get into what I can remember anyway.

On Monday night we recorded Linux Outlaws 121 and streamed it live as usual. That show was actually released later in the week by Fab, after some more sterling editing work. We also launched our new online merchandising store with Zazzle.  That’s the name of the company by the way not an adjective, or some corporate buzz word. I have visions of people in boardrooms right now saying “can we deliver the figures with more zazzle next time Damien?!”. We’ve long agonised over merchandising for the show and I have to take much of the blame for the delays in getting the stuff out there. I’ve spent over a year trying to find decent suppliers for bulk orders of t-shirts in the UK and largely getting nowhere. I’ve always thought we should have as many options as possible, but “our print on demand” offerings from Cafepress could be problematic for people ordering overseas. The company is based in the US, and I found when ordering from the UK I got stung with hidden import taxes by UK customs. It’s a bit silly for a show based in Europe to have this situation, but finding decent merchandise manufacturers on this side of the pond has proved a lot harder than I could ever have imagined. Luckily Fab has been looking into it too and he discovered that Zazzle is a popular option with many of the people he talked to in merchandising forums. They have deals with the customs offices in most of the major markets and they include those fees up front. It makes things quite expensive in my opinion, but personally I’d rather know what I’m paying at the start rather than get a shock later. If you want to see the latest options for merchandising we have Zazzle stores for the UK, Germany, the US, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Have a look at this forum thread, which contains most of the information right now.If you order from the online store for your country you get better deals on shipping etc.

Static Gallery Space
Static Gallery Space

On Tuesday I editing some of the Outlaws recordings and synced things up. I also did some more research on Mandriva 2010 and got on with general admin tasks. I also did some work in the studio recording a new song. You’ll hear more about that later. On Wednesday I did some writing and web design work, which I continued with on Thursday. I did a lot more than this but as I said my memory is fuzzy now. On Friday I hopped on the train to Liverpool city centre early in the morning and headed to a meeting, it was about a possible event in the city for the New Year. It’s going to be called How? Why? DIY we think and hopefully it’ll happen in February. The location is yet to be confirmed and also the date, but it sounds really exciting. I met the organisers in the Static cafe in town and we threw about some ideas. It seems I’ve already been named on “the panel” for it, whatever that means. I guess I’ll find out exactly what it entails in future. It should be exciting. I’ll give you more updates on this as I find out the information myself. In the afternoon I got the train back home and then got down to some more writing. I needed to finish my Mandriva 2010 article, which was turning into a bit of a monster. I actually published that on Saturday and it’s had a good response so far. I’ve been pleased.

On Sunday I spent most of the day preparing for Rathole Radio, which I broadcast and recorded in the evening. I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather lately and sadly I couldn’t play a live song on the show. However, I did play an exclusive of my latest studio track. It’s called “The Elephant In The Room” and it’s pretty personal but came out very well I think. I wrote it some time ago but only finished the lyrics more recently. You’ll be able to hear that in the podcast, when I finally get it released! I will do that tomorrow. The rest of the show went well and people seemed to enjoy it so I was happy. That brings us to today, where I have finished editing another Software Freedom Law Show. There shouldn’t have been an episode this week as it’s fortnightly, but they wanted to release a week early for the thanksgiving holiday in America. It’s a big deal over there it seems, the main holiday. It’s all a bit lost on a typical Brit like me stuck back here in the old world. I think it’s generally the time for Americans to give thanks for getting away from us here in Europe, and I don’t blame them for that. It’s a public holiday right, who needs an excuse? Tonight we’ve recorded and streamed another Linux Outlaws, number 122, and that should be released later in the week. Once I finish writing this I’ll be off upstairs to get to work on the audio from earlier. No rest for the wicked.


So tomorrow I will release Rathole Radio from last night. Keep an eye out for that. I’ll also ship this audio back to Fab for editing and we should have another Linux Outlaws later in the week. I’ll be installing OpenSUSE 11.2 for review and then writing about that in a few days. I’m interested to see how it shapes up. After that god knows what I’ll get up to, but you can be sure that whatever it is I’ll give you the juicy details here next week. Take care till then and wrap up warm, winter is setting in… unless you live in Australia or something where it’s summer, in which case don’t look so smug 😛

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  1. Very nice article, once again. I really love that song! Also, you seem to be getting into the hacker/geek scene over there in earnest, which is really cool. Keep up the writing and don’t kill yourself about the merch stuff. It’s all good! 🙂

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