Weekly Rewind #14

The Weekly Rewind
The Weekly Rewind

It’s time for another Weekly Rewind. Number 14 to be precise but I can’t think of any appropriate jokes for that number, sorry. You’ll have to fill them in for yourselves, it’s open source after all. A reasonably quiet weekly by my standards, but as always I won’t have any trouble finding something to talk about. So here goes…

On Monday I spent most of the day writing and working on my Ubuntu article. I had hoped to publish it on the same day but as things turned out I didn’t have time. I went back to Wigan later on for the final Transcendental Meditation (T.M) class and it was a lot of fun. An interested cross section of ages and types of people in the group I thought. I’ve been trying to do a 20min session morning and evening every day since. I’ve missed the odd one but overall stuck to it quite well I think. Can’t say I’ve noticed any major changes as yet but it is very relaxing and I’ll continue with it. We recorded and streamed Linux Outlaws 91 on Tuesday night with participation and heckling from the good folks in the IRC channel. It was a lot of fun as always. Due to the day’s delay in the recording I edited the show in record time on Wednesday. I even got up early (for me) to make sure it was ready as early as possible in the evening. No matter what I seem to do it always takes me about 5 hours to edit the thing together. I’m a perfectionist when it comes to audio, and most other things come to think of it. I hide it well hehe 🙂

EuroPython 2009
EuroPython 2009

I was given a timely reminder early this week about the EuroPython 2009 event coming up at the end of next month. Linux Outlaws are even listed as media partners but until this week I hadn’t done much promotion. A mistake I duly fixed by blogging about it and also mentioning it on the show. So if you’re interested in Python programming or anything to do with it, even if you just want to learn, it’s really worth a look. It’s being held in Birmingham, here in the UK from 28th June to 4th July. There’ll be tutorials, sprint development sessions, and of course many great keynote speakers such as Cory Doctorow. It all sounds like fun to me and I’ll be there later in the week. I’ll actually still be in Germany on June 28th travelling back from Linux Tag in Berlin, but I hope to see the 2 main conference days. Come and say hello, you might even learn some cool Python tricks in the process… probably not from me though, I should add.

My Linux.com profile
My Linux.com profile

On Thursday I continued work finalizing my Ubuntu article and a few other ongoing development/hosting jobs. One interesting thing I did notice though was the relaunch of Linux.com as a social networking site. It’s almost like a Facebook alternative for Linux geeks now, I like it a lot. If you’d like to add me as a contact on there feel free. I discovered I actually know the Community Manager and administrator of the site for the Linux Foundation;  I hope to get him on the podcast to talk about it soon. I’m also working on some other high profile guests but I’ll resist name dropping for now in case they fall through. On Friday I finally published my Ubuntu article which has had plenty of traffic and some interesting comments, for which I’m always grateful.

Over the weekend I’ve carried on doing jobs and working on some new projects which I’m keeping under wraps for now. They involve music and podcasting, websites and all kinds of fun stuff. I’ll reveal more in coming weeks. I’ve been working on merchandising for Linux Outlaws, researching and negotiating with manufacturers. Exciting times ahead I hope, I guess we’ll find out. Today (Sunday) Fab released our bonus “New User Special” episode as well, so if you haven’t heard that yet it might be worth checking out.


It’s Linux Outlaws again tomorrow night at 7pm UK time (6pm UTC), you’ll have to work out what that is for your own time zone though sorry. You’re more than welcome to join us and participate in the recording, we’d love to see you. Just head to linuxoutlaws.com/live, log into the IRC channel on Freenode and chip in. As for the rest of the week, I’ll be continuing to work on various things. Write up a quick review of Chakra Project and also meet up with some of the ScriptFrenzy people in Liverpool, amongst many others. I’ll report back on what I got up to next week.

Have a good one and I’ll see you then,



  1. Hey Dan,
    If you use: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedform.html

    You can set your the local time for the show to start and the site converts it for everyone else. Thought it might be handy.


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