Free Linux Format Download

LXF Issue 116
LXF Issue 116

Just a quick note to let everyone know the guys from Linux Format magazine are giving away free hi-res PDF downloads of this month’s issue for 24 hours only, so follow the link below and get one while you still can!!

I know I’m late in blogging this, at the time of writing there’s about 11 hours left to download your copy. Hope everyone sees this in time. If you are reading this after that time then I’m sorry about that. The news has been going around various LUG mailing lists in the UK since very late last night but I only just got the chance to pass it on properly. Hope you enjoy the magazine, I haven’t read this issue myself but it’s a very good publication in general and I can recommend it. I hope this idea gets the guys some more publicity and ups the readership as I suspect it’s intended to.

Enjoy 🙂

Update: I’ve also just been tipped off by the good folks at Chester LUG about a free Linux Starter’s Pack download. It’s on the same site and isn’t time limited, so anyone new to Linux or even just curious about learning more can download that at the following address –

Hope it helps someone


  1. Thanks! Downloading now. 🙂

  2. No worries, hope you enjoy it. I’ll be passing that beginners guide on to a few people I know as well. They could really use it and hopefully benefit 🙂

  3. I receive Linux Format anyway, but I thought the starter pack was interesting to pass on.

  4. Ah that issue the kde one is really good has some nice articles i am subscribed to linux format and they always have great articles remember when you guys where in it? 😀 that was great!

    • I do remember that yeah, we were really lucky to get such a good review from them. I was chatting to Neil Bothwick at the Liverpool LUG 2nite, he usually comes along and he’s one of the main Linux Format writers. Nice guy 🙂

  5. Did you read the article about Creative Commons in this Linux Format? It was a good discussion of the topic. Not a good introduction – much is assumed – but an interesting discussion.

  6. @mjjzf – I haven’t read it yet no, have downloaded the PDf but not even had a chance to look at it. Been a mad week. I’ll try and get around to it soon though. I’m always interested in Creative Commons and how it can be applied. Sounds good, thanks for the tip

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