Update: Back From LugRadio Live

Hey folks, just thought I’d update you on what I’ve been up to the last couple of weeks. It’s been quite a hectic time really with lots of friends from all over the world descending on my house for a bit of a Jaiku get together and then a trip to LugRadio Live. I got to meet Fab my co-host on Linux Outlaws for the first time in person which was great. We’ve known each other about a year or so now but it’s always interesting to meet people you know online in real life, to see if they match your expectations.

We all travelled down to LugRadio Live in Wolverhampton in convoy at the weekend to setup our exhibiton and generally have a laugh. I say “our exhibition” but to be honest we just stuck up a load of wanted posters and laid out cards and stickers on a table for general consumption. It worked well though and I also had a killer cowboy hat for the occasion which my friend Betty brought all the way from Texas. You can’t beat that. We had a great time, interviewed people, met some listeners and saw lots of the great and good in open source. The LugRadio guys were very gracious and welcoming of us as fellow podcasters which we really appreciated. We also met Popey and the guys from the Ubuntu UK Podcast who are great, check them out if you haven’t already.

Major respect has to go to Ben Thorp (AKA Mr Ben) for wearing the Raccoon suit all weekend and then even doing the Gong-A-Thong as well. What a guy, I can see why they call him community hero now. The whole event was great fun and the really good news is that it’ll back again next year after all, the guys have decided to carry on the live event even without the podcast, much to the delight of everyone. You can hear my interview with Jono and Aq in Linux Outlaws 48 which is due out very soon. Keep an eye… or should I say an ear out for that.

Here’s a little video I found from the event on Vimeo, it was taken by Craig from O’Reilly and I didn’t even know about it until someone told me. O rly? Ya rly 🙂

Dan Lynch – Linux Outlaws from oreillygmt on Vimeo.

I haven’t had much time for distro reviewing with all this going on, I actually installed Mint 5 again on my laptop after brief stints with 64 Studio and Ubuntu Studio. I needed something I could use easily at LRL since I would be relying on my laptop. I plan to try out Sabayon next I think as it seems to be the one people really want to hear about. I’ll need a few days to recover from the weekend but I’ll be back with a review ASAP.

See you soon



  1. Just installed Sabayon.

    Note the following Dan:

    when you tell it to use your home partition as home, it will move your old home folder to /home/yourusername.Backup.0

    Couldn’t find my stuff for a second, gave me a heart attack.

  2. Thanks Andrew, I will make a note of that. I’d be panicking like mad too I’m sure 😀

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