Update: Under The Weather

Hey folks, sorry for the delay. I seem to have caught some cold bug this week and it’s slowed me down. I hope to do my round up of the distros I’ve looked at so far and post it over the weekend though.

Next week I’ll get cracking on trying out some other new distros. I’ve had lots of suggestions from people of things to try and here’s what I’ve got on my list, in no particular order:

Pardus 2007.3
Sidux 2007-04
Arch 2007.8
Frugalware 0.7
Vector Linux 5.9
Zenwalk 4.8

Elive 1.0

I also want to look at some lightweight distributions on older hardware and I’ve got a few things on that list:

simplyMEPIS antiX 7.0
Damn Small Linux 4.0
Puppy 3.01
Xubuntu 7.10

What do you think?
I also want to look at Gentoo and BSD as a challenge. PC-BSD 1.4.1 is looking favourite of the BSD flavours so far. What do you think? Should I wait for the new FreeBSD release? What other Linux distributions do you want to read about? What have I missed? I’m open to suggestions, so please feel free to leave a comment. I’ll continue to keep a look out for new releases obviously and there always seems to be something new coming out each week in the open source world.

Thanks for your patience, I will get back to business as soon as possible and I’m stocking up on Lemsip 🙂


  1. interesting list. eLive 1.0 is awesome but AFAIK you have to donate some bucks to get it.

    loocking forward to see some more reviews, they are a great read ^^

  2. pc-bsd i actually an easy to use distro it was even voted as the easiest to use one at augost 2006, i think you can call it the ubuntu of bsd (or the linux mint in our case :P)

    i think you should end up with pardus and pc-bsd in your easy to use desktop and then go on to othere subjects.

    frugalware, arch, gentoo, freebsd, openbsd, slackware, they are all meant for the advanced users as a minimum (though i new user can learn a lot from them if he is willing to spend time and learn)

    but basiclly once youve managed to conquer one youll easilly conquer them all.

    BTW xubuntu is far as low on desktop resources than damn small, feather and puppy linuxes, can hardly be in the same category.

    those three can probably work on a 386 easily, xubuntu would barely run on a pentium 1 (tried it on a 2
    was ok but no perfectlly smooth)

  3. I agree with leon that Xubuntu isn’t very lightweight, in comparison with distros that use Fluxbox and IceWM. I think that Xubuntu is more for Pentium IIIs with about 256 MB of RAM.

  4. Hi Dan. Been following your reviews closely as I’ve been up to the same thing. I would like to add two distros to your to-do list. The first is gOS which, from what I can tell, is an enlightenment desktop + ubuntu. I think this might be worth a short review because everyone’s been raving about the $200 Walmart Everex that comes with gOS pre-installed. Second, in the light distro category, you should definitely check out Wolvix.

  5. Thanks for the comments I will definitely look at gOS next, I’m pretty sure it’s just Ubuntu with Enlightenment desktop and lots of links to Google Apps by default. I will soon find out, I know a few people who really like it. I haven’t seen Wolvix but it duly being added to my list, thank you very much 🙂

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